How Much CBD Oil Should I Take Each Day



  1. Hi from Australia ? I just tried cbd oil today for the first time.

  2. My bottle says 120ml how many mg is that ?

  3. Hi I am Joan from Morecambe but originally from Leeds .

  4. Have seen 5000mg dosages. 30ml is 500$ Canadian.

  5. Hi Rachel, is it best taken as oil from a dropper or capsules

  6. You need to take way more! Who feels anything from 10 mg? Who? In America the fat slobs here have super bad livers and pancreas so the CBD oil at 10-100mg a day do nothing ! Does your country allow yellow 5? Red 40 ? “Caramel Color?” Artificial colors ? USA eat whatever !? ?

  7. Hi,

    If taking Kannaway pure gold, how much would I use to try and help with cancer?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


  8. Hi, love your channel. My father would like to try for his COPD. Can he use in his nebuliser? Also what strength & what dosage would be best to start? Many thanks CBD woman!!

  9. To take it internally you need a degree in mathematics

  10. I have only used it topically for itchy skin and it helps a lot better than anything else

  11. Hi from Leicester Uk. New to this just bought from H+B

  12. I purchased 10ml – 500mg Cannabis Indica Whole Plant Extract > 30% CBD = 150mg CBD (1.5%CBD) Each drop apparently equates to 0.75ml . I have started on 1 drop 3 times per day and upped to 2 drops 3 times per day in week 2 so still only taking 4.5mgs every day. No relief yet. My anxiety and panic disorder is VERY extreme at the moment. I do seem to have a high tolerance to things. Much advice seems to recommend starting at 20mgs per day. The studies done with regards to anxiety disorder seem to be based on 400mgs/600mgs . I was planning on just upping every week and hoping and also vaping inbetween. Any thoughts?

  13. Hi rachel, thanks for your video it has really helped, i just wanted too ask im new too cbd and just started taking a product from cbd brothers. Explaining mg's really helped. Im just abit confused as the recommended dose for the particular oil i take is 1-2 drops twice a day, so too me thiswould actually just mean 1-2 drops but, i have seen others using the oil like filling up like the whole pipette or half is this then suggested as one drop in other people's views. I have literally been trying too just take a drop or 2 each time, like you would with say eye drops. I believe starting off low is a good idea too. Thanks any help be much appreciated ?

  14. Is CBD good for ADD? I have issues with staying focused. Thanks

  15. What brand do you use/recommend?

  16. Ok, so all I want to know is how much MG is in 1 drop of a 5% bottle?

  17. When do you invite me for a trying. I would love that you teaching me that. ?

  18. Hi CBD Lady Thanks for the video it would be a good idea to show us what a dosage of CBD look like ,,best wishes from Leslie

  19. If you're taking 200mg per day, you will need to take more than that because the cost will have you totally stressed! 😉

  20. Hi, I moved from Leeds (Pudsey) to Christchurch in NZ and due to ongoing pain etc I would love to take some CBD oil. I dont want to get high, but pain free. Can I buy this from you?

  21. Hi Rachel,

    I've been vaping 200 mg for about 3 weeks and although it helped at first I notice that I needed to vape every 1 to 2 hours, so I upped my vape to 400mg and this is so much better and the facts last a few hours now, is this ok do you think? Xx

  22. Liverpool, UK! You've been such a massive help! x

  23. So if you have a 1 ml Dropper how many mg is in there

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