How long do CBD oil effects last?

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  1. What is the difference between hemp extract full spectrum and cbd oil?

  2. I’m using it for bipolar and high cholesterol. How many doses do you recommend?

  3. Can you puta tinture with glycerin also be used as a topical some say yes and some no

  4. Sinctaking cbd oil sublingual as well as vaping I have a huge bloated tummy withoutout pain.
    I can't fathom out if it's the under tongue or the vape
    Both are organic and well sourced cbd

  5. Sticking it up the anus works best!

  6. Great info, especially in a time of free samples being mailed to whomever wants to try them–bottom line –how to, and what to expect is very important knowledge–thanks
    I did two caps and was stunned how fast it worked on a cranky back–this medicine is going to give Tylenol, Bayer, Aleve, etc. mucho trouble, if what I experienced was real cdb –it worked!

  7. How will I know how long different types of CBD will last?

  8. This is good to know. After trying the oil I think I'll try the capsules!

  9. does cbd have a smell when vaping?

  10. How long you need to be taking cbd? Thanks info goes straight to the grain.

  11. I would like to know if vaping this can have a negative effect on a urine analysis. I'm thinking the ones with THC will make a reaction, but what about the oils with NO THC just CBD? and where can I find some good straight CBD oils to vape, they could be flavorless I can care less I'll just titrate it with my regular vape juices that I like.

  12. I think you left out suppositories. That would a fifth way of consumption. Cannot say anything about duration because I've never tried them. Probably best for cancer and aids patients who cannot eat smoke or vape.

  13. I use a dropper full, held under my tongue 10-15 seconds, then swallow. It lasts 3-4 hours for me. However the side effect of a dry mouth can last much longer.

  14. How about "How long do CBD oil last when you quit it" ?

  15. Look. ….You need THC as well as the CBD for true medical benefits——not this commercial ,!crap with just CBD …It’s the muscle of the FDA and national health service don’t like admitting they where Wrong about cannabis oil… now they getting on the bandwagon of making money just with CBD and making THC in cannabis illegal.

  16. Tnk you for your information. Will you please let me know where can I buy the good CBD organic? I am in pain herniated disc from neck to my back left leg this pain is so hard to make doctors understand what I am feeling. In three years I went for four injections two MRI Chiroprechtor ecc nothing is working. Please let me know which is the best to buy. This is my email address [email protected] Tnk you

  17. I have Parkinson's disease and have had for 23 years. I have pain in legs, back, hip and my balance is off. Have been in a wheel chair since September 2016(had DBS September 2016. Can you
    Advise as to type of CBS and how many mg should I take a day?Thank you in advandce.i had 6 caps with tool1 cap every 12 hours. It definitively stopped my pain and left
    me very groggy. I didnt know if I should decrease the mg
    Or not. Thanks.

  18. I use the tincture CBD oil called FOR THE PEOPLE,I use the 3200mg 30 drops 1×1 and It works well,I plan to try the hemp paste with more spectrum and see how well It works.? It usually last 6 hours.

  19. You are a joy to watch and learn with. Thank you for all you do in this life, it's truly beneficial 🙂 – Vi An.

  20. Hard to get a straight guideline for CBD oil dosage, & I know everyone is different. I'm 140 lbs, 5'6, hate pot, hadn't tried it since 1980, tried it again this summer, still hate it, ha. Just ordered 150mg 99% crystal isolate CBD Oil and have no clue how much to use sublingually for pain. I'm thinking 2 drops? Then wait like an hour? I know it's not supposed to get you high (I hope). How many drops do ppl generally take a day? So if it's 10-20mg to start, how may drops is that in a 150 mg bottle? Thanks so much, looking forward to trying this.

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