How good is CBD OIL? 6 month review

In this video i’ll be sharing my experiences with CBD OIL with Medipen and CBD BROTHERS over the last 6 months Like!


  1. How long does one cartridge tend to last you? Thinking of getting this.

  2. Hey there! Great video.
    I have a qestion, when you say that you felt like your memory was going what do you wanna mean? Because I´m also a wheelchair user and I sometimes feel that while I´m studying I can´t get things inside of my head, even if I read it a thousand of times hahaha and I think that I´m taking the same medicines as you´re

  3. Thanks for the review, great to hear about the medipen, sounds like it’ll be worth a try, I had the same issue with baclofen. 👍🏾

  4. Very well, Ben.
    Your videos are very good.

  5. Hi Ben, thanks for this, I love your videos. I had a spinal cord injury in 2011 and the spasms was a bitch. Bacolfen highest oral dose didn’t touch them so now I have an intrathecal bacolfen pump where the medication is delivered directly to my spinal cord space, no drowsiness or other rotten side effects from oral tablets and a way higher dose. Works great for me so far, have it about 3 years. Would love to try CBD oil for pain and sleep though!

  6. Hallucinogens in cannabis?

  7. Great stuff, thanks Ben. Did you have any side effects? Did it mess with your bowels?

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