How CBD oil cured my social anxiety/ CBD oil review & recommendations

In this video, I talk about my experience with using CBD oil for my severe social anxiety. Sending you all love & light, I wish you happiness on your journey!


  1. I just ordered it today. I will let you know how it goes.

  2. Marijuana gave me my social anxiety. Do you think this would worsen it due to the cause of my social anxiety? I haven’t smoked in 7 years and it’s still effecting me😕. Everything you said made me want to cry about how we crave this magical and delicious life but can’t experience it

  3. Thank you, I needed this ❤️ I’m going to give cbd oil a try!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I couldn't agree more… I feel the exact same about CBD…. if you get a good product then it REALLY works wonders on eliminating anxiety, depression. I've experienced tremendous benefits from it that are so valuable: increase in energy, more calmness concentration, better sleep, and so much more….. It doesn't really register for people when I first tell them about all the amazing benefits of CBD (Hemp oil). And so, I couldn't agree more and I'm glad you shared your testimony… because more people need to know about CBD (especially people suffering from depression, anxiety, and many other disorders). I also wanted to ask you if the Green Mountain Salve product is taken sublingually (under your tongue?) or if you consume it in a different way? Do you think it's stronger than the oil tinctures they make?? How does it taste?

  5. I've been researching CBD oil for nearly a month now and am just so overwhelmed with all of the options and studies. I just placed an order with Green Mountain after seeing your video. It's great to see someone who can truly empathize when it comes to anxiety. When you mentioned the grocery store and I nearly started crying. I only shop late at night– just so it's not so traumatizing with the noise and crowded stores. Thank you, so much. Hugs from Washington State. (But not the cool part. I'm in the part that's basically western Idaho.) 🙂

  6. I agree with everything you said! As someone also with severe social anxiety just starting out on their CBD recovery, it is borderline a miracle product. I have not tried any pharmaceuticals personally, mostly because I was too terrified to even sit in a doctor's waiting room much less take any pills, but I was given some CBD from a friend and it has fairly significantly changed my life.

    Unfortunately it has not solved everything as I still have a fair amount of stress/general issues with the current state of my life that my anxiety has left it in, but everything seems so much more achievable. It has only been around two weeks and I am taking a relatively small dose, around 5mg of CBD oil sublingually about once a day but not everyday, and I have more or less been anxiety free. I wouldn't say my anxiety always completely vanishes but it becomes so minimal and in the back of my mind that it might as well be gone. I have heard it can "build up" in your body and you need it less and less which is an exciting concept because some days I get some anxiety but just a few drops under the tongue and its pretty much gone 5 mins later.

    I'm rambling, but I wanted to also endorse trying out CBD oil to anyone that finds this video! It unfortunately doesn't seem to work for every single person, I have a friend who didn't get any relief from it, but for a large chunk of people its basically a miracle cure. Thanks for making this video!

  7. Idk why but I’m tearing up. I think I’m gonna try this my anxiety has been spiraling lately I never seem to have a hold on my emotions.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing. For some reason I got the chills from head to toe for about 5 seconds straight while watching this. I’ll have you to thank for this brilliant product . I raise my glass.

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