Holland & Barrett CBD Oil Review – ISMOKE Cannabis Oil Review

Today we review CBD+ Oil from Holland & Barrett – a new product on the market and the first to be stocked by a mainstream retailer. Edit: I referred to Holland …


  1. I call bullshit.

    Prove me wrong.

  2. Which make do you use? I want a strong one.

  3. Its so small I'm USA you get bigger bottles

  4. If you do it, do it well with CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum CBD Oil 3000mg (30%)

  5. Don’t waste your money on this product

  6. Cbd oil from MedReleif. Canadian made and works like a charm.

  7. I would not waste my money. There are far better products out there, with alot more CBD in them.

  8. For true clarity, cannabis sativa and indica are the true strains of cannabis, hemp is hemp and though the plant looks similar they are not the same.

  9. Total bs there is no cannabis in hemp

  10. Hi. Is it advisable to put some drops in a vape pen mixed with non nicotine vape juice? Or is it too thick to burn.



  11. CBD oil is exploding with new products every week. Who should I trust and what should you buy?

  12. Hi how much do you take ? Iv been taking 3 drop 3 times a day with no affect ? .

  13. Great reviews.The Cbd brothers are amazing .The price and quality of their oils is fantastic.

  14. your video told me it tastes like shit and is cheap with no effect lol

  15. I got the same today taste horrible hehehe

  16. I'm taking mantua lab I feel like I'm having oil and tea bags

  17. I have just bought some of those CBD and it's f**** crap I

  18. Hey just got a few bottles of the cbd+ , could i put a few drops in my vaporizer mixed with my liquid (Bubblegum) , Thanks

  19. Why is the apple logo in the bottom left hand corner beating like a heart

  20. Good review, well done 🙂 Here is another UK based brand called Hempura, the link below is 250mg CBD Oil for £22.49. Let's spread the happiness guys 🙂


  21. Cbd is the best – @cbd_medicals

  22. Holland & Barrett,high street kak….stick to the independent stores for the real stuff………..

  23. Check out my vlogs great video im gonna cop some

  24. Because of the very low cbd content and it being extracted from hemp it does bugger all and is just a marketing scheme you need real rso oil to get the Benefits from proper oil rich in cbd

  25. Has anyone tried mixing this with vape oil and using it in a vape? I know companies make this specific product but could H&B CBD oil be mixed in like nicotine shots?

  26. I’m suffering with stress and anxiety and back pain. Been on loads of tables and would like to try this. Where do I start
    Where do I get it from. Thanks

  27. Best priced CBD Products: http://www.honestcbdco.com, coupon: 10PERCENTOFF Enjoy!

  28. You should look at http://www.pharmaxtracts.com for quality CBD they carry everything from tinctures and a minimum of 500mg CBD in those they go as high as 7500mg’s of CBD they have vape juice as well as pens

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