Holland and barret cbd oil review

  1. Only good for skin problems , total waste of time for anything else…

  2. Just seems like you was to relaxed to actually let your head let make a real YouTube statement lol meaning the oil obviously works then lol

  3. Thanks for this I think I'll try some

  4. I don’t rate this at all sorry to say but I’m glad I found the cbd oil I use that actually helps and isn’t 5% cbd and what I use is 37% plus it’s the same price 🤷🏻‍♀️

  5. I'm thinking bout getting this as I'm in so much pain with knee injurie hope it works like people say it does so I will let you know guys x

  6. I've just done some and "I couldn't feel em but I could fucking taste em" is accurate 😂

  7. I started using Verified cbd oils a while ago, they can have a great affect when used properly, however, I’ve strayed from that when I found Kratom. It is absolutely amazing. You should do some research and give that a try! https://bit.ly/2GMKNR2

  8. Holland and Barret CBD oil is 2.75 % £19.99 Dutch Natural Healing CBD extract with 16.5% CBD €27.95 ( £23.60) Need I say more.

  9. It tastes like soil and codliver oil tablet 😀 helps my anxiety and I have TMJ which all together when they flair up suffocates me.
    I have used this now for 3 days and I can't believe the affect.

  10. How many drops did you use for your first time ?

  11. i ll just stick to smokin a fatty thanks

  12. canaxen.com – you will know the difference between the actual stuff and what H & B offer!

  13. I just received mines today, I bought it for my epilepsy as it’s severe. I took 3 drops this morning. What are the reviews of this oil ? Does it help ?

  14. it tastes like when i make cannabis oil with the twigs and leaves

  15. This commercialised CBD is watered down shite 💩 don’t waste your money. …you need THC and BCD …people educate you sells LOOK up 🌱Rick Simpson 🌱on making cannabis oil 🌱and the documentary titled run away from the cure

  16. Tastes like cabbage, I think so I ate cheese n onion crisps with the drops. My hubby said 'omg she likes it, get it back' lol, only had one dose so far for my fibromyalgia

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