Hempworx CBD oil & ADHD/ODD

How hempworx cbd oil changed my sons life! WWW.hempworx.com/serena131 www.facebook.com/hempworxwithserena.


  1. Girl, I can 110% relate to EVERYTHING you are saying. I literally cried listening to you talk about.
    My son is also 7 and we also have a baby girl (5 mo). Im definitely thankful for you posting this video. Definitely going to give this a go! Much love from Canada❤❤

  2. I can sooooooo relate to you. My son is 10 years old and has Asperger, ODD, ADHD and I swear it's like you're telling my story. KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT ALONE! My son takes over 23 pills a day between his three prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, minerals, etc. We've changed his diet to a Gluten Free, Casin Free as well. He's still off the charts ODD and hyper. I am off to look into buying CBD for my son for the first time. Wish me luck. I'd love to keep in touch with you to support you and chat. You're a great mom and you're doing all the right things. Keep up the fight. We'll beat this thing and raise wonderful, healthy, happy children. LOVE to you and your family.

  3. Good for you! Prayers for your family's continual peace! Thank you for the info! Iam going to try this for my son

  4. Hi Serena, My son who is nearly 6 is ASD, ADHD and ODD. He sounds very similar to your boy. We have been using CBD oil too but Hempworx does not ship to our country. What dosage do you use? We are using about 1.25ml of the 100mg/ml oil. We have had a little success but not nearly as much as you have had so just wondering if we need to increase it also. Glad to hear things are working so well for you though as its a pretty shitty situation to live day in day out.

  5. I really can relate to this so much, just i have 3 kiddos i go through this with!

  6. Im worried CPS might take her away because of what they found. 15 year old daughter got taken to the hospital yesterday. They did a urine test and doctor came and in asked if she did drugs because they found cannabinoids. She's a special needs kid took her in due to severe outbursts suffers from autism. I started giving her Hempworx500 last Saturday. I thought CBD oil doesn't show up on drug tests?

  7. It sounds like your son and my daughter were two peas in a pod.

  8. Where is the link? Not seeing it

  9. I can so relate to what u are talking about. Just signed up as an affiliate and will be receiving oil right away. I hope and pray this oil will work for my son too. I'm in Canada so I'm hoping hempworx can be reinstated here soon.

  10. We are seriously considering this. We have a 10yo adhd. We are done doing pills. He had such terrible side effects we didn’t even know who he was anymore. Took him off and my sweet, distracted kid came back. We just would like to find something to help him focus on tasks at school and chill him out in frustrating situations. Talking to a second doctor next Tuesday!

  11. Omg…this is my son and life to a "t". I was recently escorted out of our local Walmart due to a tantrum my son threw over a box of cereal. I'm starting him on CBD oil this week (wanted to wait for school to be out for summer before adjusting any meds and supplements). Does your son take medication (i.e.adderall, ritalin, etc) as well as the CBD or have you found the oil to be more effective and replaced medications with it? Thanks so much for sharing your story. Being an ADHD/ODD parent is hard…ALL THE TIME. It's so encouraging to know there are other parents out there dealing with the same parenting conflicts as we are.

  12. Did you start him on it along WITH his ADHD medicine?

  13. How did your son's pediatrician feel about him having CBD? I dont live far from your state and I'm curious about it

  14. Thank you so much for sharing

  15. Serena, thank you for your testimony about your experience with CBD oil. I am seriously considering it for my son who is 8. He has been diagnosed with Severe ADHD, Aspergers, Anxiety, along with learning challenges. I have tried so many things, as you have, and I am leary of giving meds if there is an alternative that will work. I will do more research but hearing your experience I know that we need to try this!

  16. When you first got the cbd oil how long did it take for the effect of the oil to work for your child?????

  17. I'm crying, this is my family. We have been using cbd oil for a week now and everything you're saying is what we have gone thru. This oil has already changed our life. We are using gummies for my son instead of the oil. Thank you for this video.

  18. Thank you for sharing. I just started my kiddo on intuniv and im so uncomfortable with that decision. I will be doing my homework.

  19. what dosage do you give him.

  20. Thanks for sgare this video, my son hace ADHD and ODD and is really really frustrating to deal with his behavior all days,
    Can you share the name of the oil you use?

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