Hemp Renewals Blue Label Review CBD Oil

Hemp Renewals Blue Label Review CBD Oil.


  1. I appreciate your honesty… it's very confusing trying to figure this out 🙂

  2. There's a lot of fake products out there…. Hard to know what is real

  3. Finally!!! Just a guy giving his honest opinion! I subscribe just for that. Seems like a good dude. Don't beat yourself up over your mom, we all just do what we can with what we know at the time. Much love!

  4. Just tried the Herbal Renewals Easy Hemp Oil. 15 drops under my tongue. So 1500mg, I believe. I felt the affects within minutes,but it faded pretty quickly. I'm wondering if it has a cumulative effect,and works better the longer you use it? I suffer Trigeminal Autonomic Cephalalgia, Occipital Neuralgia,and Trigeminal Neuralgia Type 2,as well as Osteoarthritis pain from 3 bulging cervical discs that all cause MASSIVE head pain.

  5. Have you tried PureCBD liquid out of Arizona? Get 2 oz a month supply in 100, 300, and 600 mg in each bottle. I would like to know if this brand is any good folks??

  6. Fixing to try that exact size for my first time run. It only does about 15 -18 days

  7. This is the first cbd product I have ever tried. After taking it on an empty stomach I felt the calming and relaxing effects within minutes. It amazes me how beneficial this could be in place of pharmaceuticals.

  8. About to try this after your review. Thanx

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