Hemp Oil vs CBD Oil

Exercise Physiologist and former Navy SEAL Jeff Nichols discusses the difference between CBD oil and Hemp oil and why Hemp Oil is far superior especially …


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  4. I smoked Hemp for 2 weeks for pain..A side affect was my Bi- polar and Adhd symptons left.Truly a miracle my husband and family are saying.

  5. Is hemp oil good for depression, anxiety and insomnia?

  6. Thank you Jeff. I take and sell this also, and will not mention my product, that would be rude. There is so much misinformation out there, you did a great job!

  7. Will Hemp Oil help with my anxiety?

  8. Are the Hemp Oils beings sold for pets the same thing as the human grade oils, where they just slap a label with a picture of a dog and call it "for pets" or is it a different process than a human grade oil?

  9. Well .. You are very convincing and did an outstanding presentation. I tried a CBD oil for pain and got 0 results. Decided maybe another brand and I wound up here .. lol.
    I'm sold on yours but couldn't find your website, so guess I look up
    and will get back with you. Thanks!

  10. where is the best place to get thorne hemp oil? all i can find is expensive as hell. what is your website?

  11. I found a good article about how to use Hemp/CBD oil for pain relief: http://www.hempoilnews.org/how-do-i-use-cbd-oil-for-pain.html

  12. If you google the difference between Hemp and CBD there is a ton of info and they are clearly different. He says there is a difference between Hemp, Hemp seed, and CBD. I want the product made from flowers/buds, stems leaves and not the seeds or Industrial Hemp. I made trips to several Green stores and educated myself then finally bought a tincture which clearly listed the exact amount and ratio of CBD to THC which I understand is important. They actually printed CBD on the label but called it Tincture. I bought 3:1 CBD to THC because I need it for inflammation, not to get high. No multivitamin for me, I'll use the olive oil in my cupboard for cooking. I want the good stuff (CBD)
    It's all hemp oil from what I understand, but the CBD is what you want for inflammation with some THC.

  13. May Relieve Anxiety,May Reduce Blood Sugar Levels,May Promote Bone Growth—http://bit.ly/CbDPure

  14. A great company to buy high quality cbd is buycbdonlinefromus.com I've ordered many times with super fast shipping

  15. If you want to place order or Hemp check this out! http://www.niecey28.myctfocbd.com/

  16. Gonna try this out, been having bad pain lately.

    Hope it works…

  17. The confusion for most people is that 'Hemp oil' is Actually 'Hemp seed oil' which has almost no CBD…it is extracted from the seeds. While CBD oil is extracted from other parts of the plant. This vid adds to the confusion.

  18. Ok so i bought "hemp cbd oil"is that just cbd?

  19. Bеnеfіtѕ of hеmр оіl fоr dіаbеtеѕ great article: http://www.hempoilnews.org/b-n-f-t–of-h-m—-l-f-r-d–b-t–..html

  20. Cannabidiol is a substance that you body requires. LOL! It is a nutritional supplement just as important as Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). But the DEA made it a Schedule One Drug, so it is a substance that is difficult to get. It is tantamount to the suppression of the Spirit. When your body is sick you can't rebel against the aristocracy that is suppressing you. If you can't get the substances that make you thrive, then you cannot live up to your potential. It's a paradoxical situation. You have to break the law, be a pirate, whatever to live up to your potential. Fuck the law, be that which you are…

  21. Hello Jeff I have a question tthat I haven't been able to answer myself for a while. I want to join the military special forces in my country I'm 16 right now and I'm already preparing for it. I go to the gym 3 times a week and strength train with little accesories. I don't care about aesthetics I just want to be strong enough to pass the test. I thought that to get stronger I have to go for low reps with a lot of weight but what happened was I injured my shoulder and had to take a 3 week break. Now i'm reading on websites that high reps lower weight is healthier and doesnt lead to injury but does it make me stronger?

    TL;DR Low reps high weight or High reps low weight for strength and just staying healthy?

  22. All to do with strains and percentages!! Don't forgot about the thca, natural state, vs it being carbonised to thc. Same with the cbd's and all the other properties. I would say keep to sativa's for ptsd and indica's for sleep & pain, then a mixture between strains (various websites). Example, sciatic nerve, choose a indica with medical properties, make a canna cap, with the least amount of heat and i swear it should work. Take a sativa, and want to do something, from vaping, is a total different experience. You guys show us how to clear rooms, i'll pass on any field crafts i know!!

  23. Off topic question, but does anyone know which video he talks about the 30 sec on and 30 sec off, specifically rest periods?

  24. I have no idea what his point is…Is anybody seeing this

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