Health Benefits of CBD Oil – Dr. Michelle Bean (April 2018)

Health Benefits of CBD Oil” is a presentation given by Dr. Michelle Bean, DC at the Silicon Valley Health Institute on April 19, 2018. Yes, in the brain, organs, …


  1. I've been blown away by the many uses and benefits of CBD. I wanted to share this opportunity as more and more people are looking for natural alternatives for pain, anxiety relief, etc.

  2. Can u please let me know what milligram of CDB gummy bears or oil I need to start with, I have terrible anxiety & depression along with tremendous back pain, I currently only take Advil , I refuse to take opids, I am 5'5" 148 lbs ..if u answer that would be awesome, I've tried pot ,smoking it( my doctor told me too) well…it absolutely killed my pain by smoking it, it tried several different kinds , but not at a dispensary, pot is legal here with a medical card, I'm terrified if I try smoking it again, so that's why I wanted to try CDB , Thanks so much ❤️

  3. Cbd is so useful for so many ailments.

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  5. Sir there is no Black belt in "mixed martial arts".

  6. CBD totally changed my life. Further, If you earn a 6 Figure residual annual income, while drastically improving (possibly eliminating) your chronic pain and other health problems with the highest quality CBD products available. Join Dr. Kureshi for free today. Get paid every Wednesday.

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  8. Cbd saved my mom's life! 100% believer here is where we got it!

  9. thanks you are my angel today bless you

  10. the combination thc+cbd works for me,i make a batch of this oil ones a year(white widow+kush homegrown weed)

  11. Could you give me the web address of prime my body?

  12. I will like to warn anyone thinking they will buy quality CBD Oil from Amazon, I’ve done a lot of research on the oils sold on Amazon and found that almost all of them are selling Hemp seed oil NOT CBD oil. That’s why the prices are so cheap compared to genuine companies making Full Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD Oil. If you want a quality CBD Oil Brand and Product do your homework and don’t always go for the cheapest, I say that from personal experience. After months of trying many brands including some from Amazon I found they have great service and very competitive prices for quality CBD Oils. So far it has work wonders for me, but please go your homework first there are many great genuine companies out there that actually care about helping people like me and you and not just profits.

  13. That audience seemed bland ,however you were Great

  14. Cbd is so amzing for back psin, Thanks Dr. BEAN

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    increased levels of glutamate were found in patients with frequent and severe auditory hallucinations, relative to patients with less frequent and severe hallucination.
    MSG is dangerous to our health, both physically and mentally.

    cannabidiol reduces glutamate release.

    Monosodium glutamate, a food additive, induces depressive-like and anxiogenic-like behaviors in young Rats

    Social Anxiety disorder:
    there were significantly higher whole brain levels of glutamate and glutamine in patients with Social Anxiety Disorder

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