Heal your brain – Lionsmane, CBD Oil and Coconut Oil

Link for the Lions Mane Extract I use and recommend. Please use this link to support me and this channel …


  1. please do some brain exersizes for a week or two then vlog about any results tnx

  2. What about black seed oil,coconut oil and lions mane?

  3. Will this work on People who had a stroke? If you could please reply for my mother of 95 just happened on the 4Th of July?

  4. Thanks for this vid. My dad has Parkinson's and doctor's are quick to prescribe dopamine boosting drugs but don't mention natural supplements. I keep stumbling on CBD and Lions Mane and I am trying to learn as much as possible.

  5. Is Lionsmain safe to take with Possible Candida Problems?….. if mushrooms a fungus?… Im allergic to Mushrooms but I want to tae Lionsmain becasue I suffer from brain Damage,…. :-/ Mabie I take a small amount see what happens

  6. Thank you for sharing it, please how do we take it i need help.

  7. Hey eric where i can get cbd oil from? partydjchemist@yahoo.com

  8. Thank you dearly Eric for this much needed share !!
    I am Sub Now!

  9. Hi Eric, I need to talk in private capitan707@gmail.com

  10. I have 2 tbi's and Im a mess thank you , Im looking for help
    the opiates are mad

  11. Do (did )you suffer from a TBI? How was your brain damage acquired?

  12. Thanks man i received a traumatic brain injury while in the navy this is very helpful

  13. Thank you, Eric! I'm waiting on my 1st bottle of whole plant/full spectrum CBD Oil, now! I inherited a chemical imbalance in my brain: depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADD. I'm a SURVIVOR of 3 major breakdowns between 1988 & 1995. Nervous breakdowns inevitably leave neurological damage of various kinds. I also have PTSD, as a result of several occurrences. And, I suffered brain damage from an attack of a large, Marine Nam Vet attacking me during an episode of temporary insanity, in 2005. I was 'smacked' repeatedly on the left side of my head. My neurologist found no sign of brain damage! Yet my eyesight was damaged, & I still experience discomfort sometimes, when I sleep on my left side. I already use coconut oil. Never heard of lionsmane mushroom extract! I'll be looking into that. I hope to post videos of my CBD Oil experience on Facebook, & possibly YouTube. Blessings to you for posting these videos. I wish you all the very best! ~Suzie in NC💚

  14. good informational video…thanks

  15. How long it takes to see changes after taking these supplements? By the way thank you so much for being brave to come out here and talk about your experience 👍

  16. How do you take these please? What route and quantity? Thanks

  17. thank u so much i had a side effect from a steroid for sinus and something bust in my brain i think i had a stroke i havnt felt the same like me its like i not who i was and my memory is gone its like brain damage. i just order cbd oil i really need something to help me . i never tried lions mane. i have cocnut oil to.

  18. coconut oil ftw. I already use this a lot, but haven't heard of the others

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