Giving CBD OIL to our DOG ~ IT’S WORKING.

We’re in San Felipe, Mexico and sharing about how we started giving our dog CBD oil for her auto immune condition which causes her spinal cord to get …


  1. Hi, do you use cbd oil from hemp?

  2. More and more states and pharmaceutical companies are joining forces just to explore the potentials of CBD. I read on this article that Abattis and University of British Columbia are exploring also. I won't be surprised if they'll come up with a formula benefiting most pets

  3. LOL “returno, por favor?” 😂

  4. What a stupid stupid video!!!!!

  5. We give it to our chewinnie and she no longer gets seizures! She used to get em twice a month!

  6. Wonderful job! You can find CBD oil for several issues for you and your pets at

  7. How many milligrams is your CBD oil and how many drops do you give him?

  8. You mixed hemp with marijuana and hemp is separate from the other. Our country wants to misinform people about hemp because it would make many large money making industries close! Our government is big on wanting people to do things to help the environment. Well one of the major things hemp can do is to make house walls that are better insulation value which doesn't pollute the environment and would be negative carbon footprint, meaning helping the environment! The longer the walls sets, the harder they become, and the walls create a barrier to moisture and with insulating properties lowering people's electric bills to boot!

  9. I’ve just started my 13 year staffy on CBD oil. He’s had CHF for few years but managed well but has been diagnosed with neurological issues. Wondering how it may help him for the better. What dose have you been giving pup?

  10. CBD is amazing !! One day the rest of the world will wake up and realize the multiple benefits of the cannabis plant.

  11. Oh, what we would give to teleport ourselves there at​ this moment! San Felipe is definitely on our bucket list. Our FT RV life is going to become a reality sooner than originally planned. Thanks for sharing your day to day adventures. We always come away having learned something or being newly energized to carry on with our plan. Will definitely look into the CBD oil. Our senior family member Sammy Spaniel has some arthritic issues that might be responsive to this. Be well!

  12. The C60 is pretty amazing stuff as well.
    It has amazing results.

  13. So happy it's working for her 😁 are you sure it's only CBD? Looked like Shelby had the munchies Ben. Kinda looked like you did too rofl haha 😂😂😂

  14. I agree on that 100% my dog gets a daily dose. Non believers can F*** off especially as they run their mouth.

  15. Ribs looked great and washing them down with margaritas should work. Glad to hear good about Shelby. Happy trails.

  16. hello I love your videos …. in your next video can I get a shout out.. and in the next video can you explane what the money mean in Mexico thank you so much

  17. Just spoke w someone abt cbd…ty

  18. Gotta love a good margarita! Looks like fun…yay.

  19. I wish I were sitting at the table with you drinking Margaritas and eating ribs. Looks like fun. Hi Shelby!

  20. on the rocks, no salt…love it!

  21. His and Hers VLOGS, I love your channel. Would you please tell me the location you park in while you’re in San Phillipe? If you have the GPS coordinates that would be great.

  22. Where did you purchase it? CBD oil…🚍

  23. Looks like so much much fun and you guys were LIT up .lol

  24. Wow… just heard the other day they sell cannabis dog treats to help calm them which I'm going to look into cause my poor freckles freaks with thunder & fireworks…. jealous of the food & drink

  25. Sadly my Lula passed over the rainbow a six months ago. For three years she was on CBD which was good. At one point last year ot seemed to not work as well at any dose. I was following some of the cancer work with the entire plant and not just the THC component. I sought out the old type seedy stuff we partook in back in the 60's and 70's which meant that the male and female plants had pollenated as in nature. The CBD and THC was in balance as are the rest of the components in the plant and finished product. I did the standard extraction into butter and made the edibles. This took care of her needs until that sad day. Clear as a bell. CBD is good but it is not the whole plant as nature designed.

  26. You guys sound really Margarito out!! Lol,😀

  27. Probably a smart choice. Glad she is doing better.

  28. Well you certainly look like HAPPY campers!! And more power to ya. Wish I was there.

  29. My cockpoodle has seizures since he has been a puppy. He is on phenobarbital, potassium bromide, and levetiracetam.
    He was having up to 12 seizures a month still. I found CBD and started give it to him. Now he only had about two to four a month.
    His vet., Wanted to prescribe another seizure drug! No thanks.

  30. I’ve commented before that are pup had a similar problem was diagnosed with steroid responsive meningitis! This happen to us back in July we had almost given up on himAnd now he’s down to one Cyclosporine a day and he’s almost back to 100% we too had large vet bills over $5000 to date! Oh my God I feel your pain✌️

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