Fibromyalgia Diagnosis & CBD Treatment | Sept 14, 2016

Another update about my chronic pain. After going to a followup with my rheumatologist, he ruled out arthritis and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Though, he …


  1. i cook it myself like heisenberg XD

  2. The Lyrica was making me have huge lapses of time that I would only catch because I would find things out of place and my boyfriend would tell me what happened. So do not take this medication! It did help with my pain but your mind is more important to have in the long run.

  3. Hi, I'm in constant pain, will the CBD oil or CBD gummy bears help with my pain , I also can't ever sleep ..I have severe anixety also..I need relief, please tell me where I get this from ? I can relate to everything you're saying

  4. i know what your going through i also have fibromyalga and it sucks

  5. i stopped talking Lyrica and Cymbalta I would rather take CBD oil unfortunately I can't afford it I have to go to my rheumatologist and see if I can't get some help I am tired of living a life of pain

  6. If you're interested I currently use medical marijuana, I'm in Florida so this is relatively new here but it is EXTREMELY EASY To get. The added THC activates the CBD like a "boost" so to speak. If you don't want the "high" you get a high CBD with a low to medium amount of THC. Prices vary greatly according to dosage and form. I feel in my case its actually cheaper than the CBD because for me I had to have a really high dose and take it numerous times through the day and extra at night. Since getting the Medical MJ the type i found to work I don't need to dose as often and use less. I am fully functional though out the day. I have two different types one for day one for night. There are so many different strains and forms. Do some research. Also its VERY EASY to get. I paid $100 for my initial doctors visit and $75 to the state registry for the card. That's it! Then you can either go online to any distributor and pick what you want and it can be delivered to your door! So convenient and you can order from any state or any company you want and can change anytime you want. Or can go to a local dispensary, but here in Florida because its pretty new, the dispensary is more expensive. Best of luck to you.

  7. Hi I need Help!!!!! Hi my name is Gloria and I have Severe Chronic pain through a Car accident and Fibromyalgia. My Pain Doctor recommended me Haleigh's Hope CBD Oil .5mg 3x a day I've been taking 4times and no results.I have a 2 mg bottle and paid $150 for 2mgs.What do you take and how much do you pay? I have been in pain for 8yrs and can't take it anymore ,Please help me .I can't find much about Haleigh's Hope

  8. Cbd is great. I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue as well.

  9. I must try this CBD oil, as I have been in agony with my ankylosing spondylitis (arthritis of the spine, neck both hips) for over 35 years, and been on painkillers to mask the pain.
    I know it's available here in England but sure is expensive, but seeing I don't smoke or booze, I reckon the money I would have spent on that would go towards the CBD!!!
    Hot sunny weather makes my arthritis worse, so really need we are in the season from hell.
    Lovely video Elle.

  10. I truly get it because I live with chronic pain

  11. Fibromyalgia is often a misdiagnosis, not always of course. Perhaps, look into Endometriosis. It can be present in women, men and transgender and causes the issues you speak of. Peace and love to all.

  12. Yes, we have here CBD in the Netherlands what cost less I am willing to buy it for you if you like that idea just Skype me at orbisvinco – we talk then how you pay it back.
    And yes they also have it here with THC as it is legal here ^^ CU Frank

  13. Maybe your fibromyalgia is psychosomatic. Look up TMS and Dr John Sarno.

  14. Will CBD make me feel high? Also where can you buy it? Please spread some CBD love guys and upvote

  15. 120$ is not expensive for that dose !!!

  16. I tried 25 mg gummies, which was way too low a mg. I think that’s why people give up or feel CBD doesn’t work for them. I’m picking up a 550 mg. / 15 ml bottle today. The seller also has 1000 mg and 1500 mg in 30 ml bottles. I have also heard that not only do you need the correct amount of mg for it to affect you AND it also has a cumulative effect. I hope it works as I’d like to try to wean off or at least decrease the mg of opioid I take. I tried all the “fibromyalgia drugs” and I tried all the muscle relaxer meds, which didn’t help with pain at all. It’s definitely a learning process. Western medicine offers nothing but addictive drugs. I was under the care of a functional medicine Dr who did heal my adrenal glands and helped me lose weight…….but I was still left with the pan. Six months of treatment cost $3,500.00 out of pocket. Probably the best non medicinal modality I tried is electromagnetic resonance treatment (Magnesphere is the name of the unit). You also have to pay out of pocket and the price is typically set by the owner of the equipment. If interested Google “Magneceutical Inc.”. The modality is explained in depth and it had years and years of testing, but is for all chronic pain, seizures, ADHD, sports injuries, etc. It’s a miraculous treatment. I did about 20-30 sessions, my pain level dropped to about a 2 and I had energy. You do have to continue maintenance sessions,however, probably 1-4 per month depending on your body. This is another treatment modality insurance companies should seriously look into. I’m glad you’ve found a combination of alternative therapy that helps you. I’ve had Fibro for over 6 yrs now. The least amount of physical activity increases my pain for hours on end. Anyway, I’m picking up my CBD today and hope the mg. Is high enough for me. May God Bless and much love to you!

  17. Thank you so much:)
    Love your room & the personal touch you added by the way! Just like the room I had in my teen years! Will insurance cover any form of CBD?

  18. Can you update if this CBD oil is still working well for your pain? thank you

  19. Go to about 16:30 to see how it worked.

  20. Get a doctors recommendation and get the real deal they have so many ratios with thc microdoses thc will really help your condition you will really benefit from it

  21. If you would try real cannabis cbd oil it could really help you that hemp stuff doesn’t really work aswell as real cannabis oil you need all the other cannabiniods and terpenes from the cannabis plant hemp is very inferior in every aspect but blue bird is a good brand if hemp is what you choose to use

  22. I've got fibromyalgia too, they could never diagnose it cause they said it cant be diagnosed but its highly likely. It started when i was around 12 actually, started with knee problems and it just got worse and spread around my body over the years. Its actually linked to psychological wellbeing. I've started smoking weed at like the age of 16 and it always helped with the pain, but not with the fatigue. Its not disableing for me except when i get a flare up, which is pretty rare thankfully. My pain is mostly affected by cold weather and weather changes, winter is a really painful time sometimes, summer not at all. I also get a lot of inflammations and i really dont know why cause everyone says fibro is a non inflammary disease.. In my country we dont have any kind of treatment for it or at least, no normal doctors know about it or even give a shit so i gave up with the doctors. I've always been able to deal with it by myself.

  23. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  24. Thank you!! You’re a beautiful and insightful person?

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