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CBD has become a behemoth of the cannabis industry. Its popularity has exploded thanks to its wide-reaching medical benefits and lack of any psychoactive side-effects. Driven by this new-found popularity, more CBD brands and products are hitting the market than ever before.

However, not all brands are created equally, and a few CBD companies have emerged at the head of the pack. One of the biggest of these is FAB CBD. They’re highly regarded and have had extensive coverage in the cannabis press, but do they deserve their lofty position as one of the best CBD companies out there? Let’s explore the company and its product range to find out.


Of all the major CBD brands, FAB CBD has emerged as one of the strongest cbd oil brands touting one of the most pure CBD tinctures on the market. but who are they? And what do they do? In their own words, they are nerdy, health nuts and fitness junkies whose mission is “to pioneer a new generation of people living a preventative health care lifestyle.” And they “plan on achieving this through science, innovation and premium supplementation.” But does that make them different than other CBD companies?

They stand out because they’re a health, wellbeing and lifestyle brand who have created a range of CBD products designed to improve health and quality of life for its customers. Having had favorable write-ups in publications like Leafly and HERB to name a few, FAB CBD has clearly got the industries attention with its product range. So, let’s take a look at what they have to offer.

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Cannabis oils have been around for a while now so it’s not surprising that this was FAB CBD’s flagship product. Intended to be taken sublingually, the 1oz bottles come in various strengths from 150mg to 1200mg of CBD with prices starting at $39 – pretty reasonable for the trendy industry. This full spectrum hemp extract is made from all natural, non-GMO and pesticide free Colorado-grown hemp. It does contain very small amounts of THC and a host of other cannabinoids to illicit the entourage effect, but it is still non-psychoactive.

While FAB themselves say that their products are health supplements that are not intended to treat medical issues, customers have been reporting incredible effectiveness at treating some pretty chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and chronic pain – especially since Fab CBD has one of the strongest CBD oil full spectrum pure CBD tinctures available.

The flavors FAB has on offer might seem basic compared to the competition with just mint, citrus and natural flavors available. However, they have clearly been selected to garner the widest appeal rather than exploring adventurous flavor combinations.

Fab CBD oil Review

FAB CBD Muscle and Joint Topical

For localized pain and ache relief, FAB has developed a topical CBD cream that can be applied directly to afflicted areas. The 2 ounces of topical cream contains 600mg of pure CBD isolate that retails at $39. Customers report fast and effective relief from general aches and pains all the way to chronic arthritis. Being a pure CBD extract rather than full spectrum, contemporary wisdom would have it that this should be less effective, but as far as customer reviews go, just like FABs CBD oil, their topical seems to really work wonders.

Fab CBD oil Review


For those who dislike the sublingual method, FAB CBD offers some medicated gummies as a tastier alternative. They come in 4oz jars containing a total of 750mg of pure CBD. They’re more convenient than the oil, but best of all, they’re organic, non-GMO and vegan, although they’re not gluten free. Just like the topical cream, FAB CBD Chews contain CBD isolate so there’s no THC at all. And again, the quality appears to be excellent. And this time the flavors get two enthusiast thumbs up.

FAB CBD Lab Testing

Of course, FAB CBD proudly displays their lab testing results as expected, but even so, there are many concerns surrounding the quality of lab testing in the cannabis industry. Usually cited is the lack of standardized scientific practices across the industry, with different labs employing different methods, and in absolute worst cases, there being no guarantee that what was tested is the same as what is being sold to you.

So, are FAB CBD’s lab results trustworthy? We’re please to confirm they are. ProVerde Laboratories who FAB CBD use for their testing is a highly regarded lab that employs The Emerald Test. It’s a standardized and repeatable scientific testing procedure for cannabis products that all the top laboratories adhere to. So, you can be confident that FAB CBD’s products contain what they say they do.

FAB CBD Customer Service

Companies can live and die based on how they treat their customers and with FAB CBD, it’s clear to see that their customer satisfaction is through the roof. They have a huge amount of positive customer reviews, not just reporting that FAB CBDs products work, but that customer service is excellent and delivery is swift, including free shipping on orders over $89. It seems that FAB CBD genuinely values their customers.

Fab CBD oil Review

FAB CBD Pricing

One thing about CBD products is that they can be very expensive, especially the boutique brands. It’s good to see that FAB CBDs prices seem to be in the mid-range, which is excellent considering the quality and effectiveness of their products. Along with the killer customer service, sensible pricing has clearly pushed FAB CBD to the top.

Should You Buy FAB CBD?

When all is said and done, should you buy this CBD brand over others? Well, FAB CBD have definitely earned their spot as one of the very best CBD companies out there. With high quality products that work, are affordable priced, and with a high regard for customer satisfaction, you should definitely put FAB CBD at the front of the queue.

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