Everything you need to know about CBD Oil | My anxiety is gone!

My anxiety/DPDR story: https://youtu.be/0GOeUeQw9as If you suffer from anxiety, depression, MS, PTSD, seizures, diabetes, insomnia, inflammation, or any …


  1. Hi Skylar, I'm currently suffering from derealization and heavy anxiety as well, also from drugs. I'm trying CBD since yesterday. First time I tried it it really calmed me down, so looking forward to see how it goes the upcoming weeks. Did you cure your dp/dr completly with it? And how long did it take? Thanks!

  2. I’ve learned to control my thoughts and triggers throughout the past year and I’ve come a long way without any medication but I still get bad anxiety and feel panicky almost everyday. It makes it a lot harder to get things done. I used to smoke weed but i just don’t like being high anymore. I’m definitely going to try cbd oil 🙂

  3. I use it and it helps for anxiety, it’s all good and works for me. What a stunning young lady you are ?

  4. Thank you soo much for this video. I am a medical professional who has suffered from panic anxiety disorder for years and have been on prescription meds for as long. P.A.D. has affected my job and my personal life very negatively. I was a high school, collegiate, and minor league professional athlete, as well as an amateur mixed martial artist with a winning record, so naturally I thought I was invincible. Let me just say that panic anxiety disorder put me on my knees and crippled me. I was on the verge of being an agoraphobic when I started prescription meds. I would literally have ALL DAY LONG panic attack’s with derealization, depersonalization, and living in a constant state of impending doom thinking I was dying each and every day!! The prescription meds have helped but with many side effects. Been wanting to try CBD for awhile and this video has made up my mind. Thank you and god bless!!

  5. no it's not from the marijuana plant lol… it doesnt contain thc so the police aren't bothered with it.

  6. Great review. Are you African btw?

  7. Cbd from hemp is legal in all 50 states cbd from marijuana is not.

  8. Which one do you think is better? I’ve heard the taste isn’t great. I have SEVERE anxiety, but I’m scared to death to take medication. Do you think vape, edibles, or the drops are better? I want relief so bad. I can’t sleep at night. Lousy appetite. I have 2 children. This anxiety has taken a toll on me in every way. I struggle to go to work, public.

  9. Great job. I'm gonna start CBD soon. Can't wait. BTW you're very pretty.

  10. Hi skyler nice video. I have a couple questions first question is you said the oil helps with diabetes well in a type 2 diabetic. Im insulin dependent can you tell me how does that work for diabetics.. And my second questions is I had surgery in my spine and Im in constant pain I can't stand on mY feet's for long periods does the oil help with my back pain.ty

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