Episode 9: How CBD Oil Eliminated the Pain and Stiffness of Arthritis

Leslea Kent is in the studio to talk about how switching from pharmaceutical painkillers like Aleve to CBD oil had a transformative effect, relieving her of the …


  1. Another great CBD Testimonial https://youtu.be/IzjDCf66NMs Buy Top Quality CBD Oil From Debra. Scientifically tested for purity. Because trusting the source matters http://localsbay.myctfocbd.com/cbdcatalog.html

  2. High potency CBD oil works better than Rick Simpson oil. I've had arthritis for forty years. I have severe chronic pain, severe spine issues, and have been disabled for 13 years, and on opiates for 15 years. I bought the high potency kind, 1500 mg/oz strength.
    The changes I experienced in just two days was phenomenal. It is a more powerful anti-inflammatory than prednisone. Before I started using CBD oil I could barely bend my fingers to use my two canes. In just two days I could make a tight fist. A week on prednisone couldn't do that. It is such a great pain killer I'm weaning myself off the opiates. I don't need them anymore. I'm getting my life back, and I feel human for the first time in years.
    I'll be using this the rest of my life. So thankful I tried it!

  3. ALEVE is based off of Naproxsyn. It's not the same thing as acetaminophen..

    I was wondering if you know of a recovery story where the person had their cirhossis of the liver stage 3 with Hepatic Encephalopathy reversed by CBD oil use. So far I have come across Mr. Steve Danks story but with he also had liver cancer though he mentions that the scarring also went away but I don't know if CBD oil would do that for cirhossis alone.

  5. Can you try and review a product from my website?

  6. The only place where I was able to purchase cbd legally was this verified place here http://bit.ly/2AqEi2r Fast shipping, great quality.

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  8. I started using Verified cbd oils a while ago, they can have a great affect when used properly, however, I’ve strayed from that when I found Kratom. It is absolutely amazing. You should do some research and give that a try! https://bit.ly/2GMKNR2

  9. I just started taking  Charlotte's Web CBD  hemp oil .3% THC  for Rheumatoid Arthritis….in much pain hope it helps.  I'm  In NC and can't get higher THC…..

  10. Cbd oil is HEMP. Hemp is from the cannabis plant with no thc. Its legal in all states.

  11. I have just today, began to use CBD oil having received a free sample to try first. I was told to rub it into my gum and then on my tongue and administer to the back of my front teeth but the lingering taste and aroma is awful.
    Is there any other way I can use the oil without having to endure the aftertaste?
    I'm schedule to have the first knee replacement operation in March, the second on the other knee, next year so I'm looking for relief from the excruciating pain in both knees and hoping the oil will do this.
    So, if there is any other way to take this oil besides orally, I would love to know and thank you in advance.

  12. I try alleve and I swell up very bad allergy bec. of my knee same with my mom and my father where can I buy it

  13. Ok where can I find and buy a good quality oil , please recommend . Thanks

  14. RICK SIMSPSON OIL IS THE best standard of home made oil !

  15. I just wished people would say if it's RA or another type of arthritis.

  16. Neck pain as well as disintegrating discs in my back have already been an issue for me. Arthritis is also a problem I have. This arthritis treatment “rumrum shocking press” (Google it) helps me eliminate the pain on my neck, back, and sides. This helps me do my daily work without disruptions. It also helps if you eat foods that do not cause irritation.

  17. When you mentioned 5 daily doses how many mg per dose? My mother suffers from RA and chronic nerve pain. She's given a heavy regimen if pain killers and still deals with a lot of pain. I have access to cbd in South Florida but any specific product you might recommend? Thank you for your time

  18. Im in nyc where can i get this product i cant sleep at night

  19. Hello Ian, great program! I really miss the subjects you presented when you were on CFAX.

  20. Hello, do you notice any increase in heart rate with CBD oil? With CBD oils are you doing hemp only?

  21. Rideau Platinum CBD oil is the best I have taken for chronic pain and joint pain, the relief is amazing.

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