Elixinol Review: I Got High On CBD Oil! Not Placebo!

1:30 what is CBD? Is it legal? 3:15 why I took it, chronic fatigue syndrome. 4:00 dose, scientific studies 6:30 begin description of high experience, symptoms …


  1. You can't get high off CBD oil. If anyone did get high, then the most likely reason is the company did not extract all of the THC from the product. I don't think these CBD products are highly regulated so sometimes THC slips thru.

  2. I had the same experience twice… and both times were terrifying as it wasn't a "fun high" like when you smoke pot. The first time I was sure I was just having a panic attack unrelated to CBD, because I believed everything they said about how it can't get you high. I chocked up the fact that I felt out of my mind and couldn't walk as symptoms of a particularly bad attack. Wrong. The second time was similar to a bad LSD trip I had once (although I've also had great LSD trips). Anyway, I didn't take all that much so I can only assume it reacted to my body chemistry badly and while it seems to be great for most people and I can't knock the wonders people profess about it… it can be a nightmare for others.

  3. I hope some I get has a little bit of thc in it ?

  4. See I’ve had many thc edibles and don’t experience negative side effects but the EXACT same thing happened to me as you when I had CBD oil, which makes me think it’s the CBD itself but I’m not sure

  5. Oh and also you might could go for a product created with a pure isolate of CBD without the other compounds such as THC in it…

  6. Sounds like you're THC sensitive .. whole spectrum CBD extracts contain all 80 or so compounds including THC.. Charlotte's Web is s supposedly around 20:1 CBD/THC so if your oil was that ratio you would have ingested 90÷20= 4.5 mg of THC.. research that I have read says that smoking half a joint is comparable to ingesting around 30 mg of THC … keep in mind that you are eating this THC and therefore it is metabolised by your liver into different compounds than if you smoked it and is therefore stronger in effect and longer lasting… if anyone wants to correct my math feel free…

  7. Well, I mean, scientifically, if it is not a CBD Isolate with absolutely no THC in it, then yes, you could get high. Elixinol has full spectrum items with trace THC and very few, if any, CBD Isolates. Even CBD in itself can have a physical and psychological effect on people. Maybe not psychoactive, but still something to be aware of and look into. It is possible that you metabolize things and absorb things into your body much better and faster than other people.

    That is really cool in itself, because people like you, who choose to, could be excellent candidates for research studies, information and feedback. Very interesting. Also, as far as people on forums with their comments, there are some people with specific medical and mental conditions who are warned to not use any THC products, even in trace amounts- because they are and will be sensitive to it. For some it can have a disastrous and opposite effect it was taken for.

    CBD Isolates could be the same way, and as far as I know, have very trace amounts that cannot be detected in a test. Assuming there is an actual amount that they test down to, which could still be above what might actually be there. Agh. See, this is something I really need to research, now, but thank you for reminding me.

    I'm glad to hear you are very aware of your dosages and your mental and physical reactions to what you take. You also seem cautious while optimistic, and do a lot of research into things. Props to you, and thanks for the information. I hope these products keep helping you, and that you don't have another bothersome reaction.

  8. It is NOT in your head!! Let me tell you..I had the lg bottle of CW cbd and it didn't come with the dropper then (think they have one now on the lg 4oz bottle) I tried dispensing about 15-20 drops and after shaking it more came out and instead of trying the pry the top of I decided to just take amount I got on my spoon! I was about to get on a flight about 1h+ later and suddenly got extreme dry mouth really bad, bad dry mouth (jugged whole bottle of water with in minutes) then dizzy and ringing in ears felt like I was going to pass out, since I never ever used weed, this was very strange to me and frightening! I still take cbd just know now there is a limit of what I can take without the negative sideefect! been sticking to recommended dosing!! I have tried CW and Elixinol!!

  9. I use a 500mg cbd oil. I can feel it. I wouldn't say it makes me high though. But I certainly feel it. Definitely has a very familiar body feel that I get when I uses to smoke. I can't smoke anymore and don't want to. Thc messes with my anxiety

  10. Hey first I want to thank you for making this video .now I know that I'm not the only one that has these issues as well. First let me say that I used to be an avid pot smoker. And then after taking a break from smoking pot for two years. I smoked one day and I had a horrible experience almost as if I was poisoned. So let me fast-forward ,I didn't smoke for a while and then I started to smoke small amounts and it was okay for a while and then it hit me again .It seems like i was having some kind of allergic reaction. I wouldn't be able to breathe, I would feel super anxious, my stomach would get serious pain, I would throw up. So I quit all in all about 7 years ago. now keep in mind ,I've had anxiety since the beginning of the first bad experience with the weed. So CBD was recently introduced to me. I finally took two drops underneath my tongue yesterday immediately. I didn't feel right ,I started to get the Jitters in my teeth and said oh no this is not going to be good. Well I calmed myself down. I started to feel my body get relaxed ,I thought everything was going to be fine and and then later on in the night I started feeling anxiety and my mind feels overwhelmed and getting real panicky ,so I had to take a Xanax that is prescribed for me. I'm not sure why I'm having these episodes. I seem to be super sensitive to certain things. 12 years ago, I almost died at the dentist office from Demerol. I hope this information helps somebody or maybe somebody has some input for me, but I just want to thank you young lady for making this video. I hope all is well with you !

  11. Wow you took alot!! I'm 200 pounds and 15 mg knocks me out in about a half hour. Best of luck with your chronic fatigue and anxiety.

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  13. Yeah. If i take 75-235mg of cbd i am high as hell. Marijuana is illegal in our country, cbd is not. Even when i harvested hemp buds from public fields, made coconut oil with them, it got me high as hell. When i gave 75mg cbd tablets to any of my friends, they got a bit high too. So yeah, it will get you high at high concentrations. If i smoked 99% cbd crystalline, i did not get high tho.. Only with oil, edibles in general.

  14. I know exactly what you are talking about. Remember when I came across the fact that CBD can prevent cancer cells to develop. First thing I did was to order a 1000mg CBD 50ml and I took 75 drops (Recommended max 20/day). After 2 ours I did't even know my own name or existence. I knew that I was high because I knew the affect from pot. So I went to sleep and woke up 20 ours later and started to research and googled "Can CBD get you high". Hahaha, That's true. 😛

  15. so does cbd oil make your body relax? like the body-melting feeling? thank u

  16. I would guess that maybe your reaction was more related to your CFS perhaps? I have it too and I can get a 'drunk' feeling off a single kombucha so I'd hypothesise that there's something about all sorts of substances that don't work 'normally' and interact with brain fog type symptoms, maybe from leaky gut/brain side effects

  17. Same thing happened to me u not alone also felt the same got lost in my thoughts

  18. I took it for a migraine the other day and indeed I was high from CBD oil.

  19. I also get very anxious from thc.I totally understand.The trouble is likely an idiosyncratic response from thc causing all the negative side effects.Cbd isolate does not give me any troubles.Thanks

  20. I get really bad anxiety from thc too and can’t enjoy it due to the anxiety. It’s strange because it didn’t do that to me much back when I was a teen and used it. Somewhere along the line though I started having a negative reaction to it. Where are you from?

  21. It must have had too much THC for that to happen. Try buying from bluebirdbotanicals they’re honest and have the batch number listed and exact amounts listed.

  22. U should be happy that u got high lol :DD SURPRISE!!!!!!

  23. Any person that can't handle thc will have a panic attack. I remember when i first got high it last 3 days. Lol i loved it though. I love thc. But people need to do thier reseach on pure 100% cbd oil with no thc!!! Its amazing for anxiety.

  24. Make sure you get 100% pure cbd oil girl. Some brands use little bit of thc.

  25. Gets me high. It does get some people high. The drops don't but vaping it does.

  26. I just started taking it. I took 400 mil capsules from Cycling Frog and I'm defininetly high and I didn't want to be. I do NOT like being high. I just wanted to be calmed. Now I am very confused as to how this can be? I am 48 and not a drug user and I am currently at work and don't want to talk to anyone.

  27. ME TOO!! I got high from 5 drops yesterday! it just came on stronger and stronger for a couple of hours until I had go to sleep for it to go away. Still feel a bit strange today but I'm almost back to normal.

  28. I just experienced this exact thing this morning. Took my dose @830 am and felt completely high and experienced the exact symptoms that you described by 10:10 am. I had to leave work because I was so disoriented. I'm at that 2 hour mark now and feel much more at ease. Crazy because it was totally unexpected.

  29. You remind me of Louis from Family Guy.

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