Dr. Cass Ingram Raw Super Critical Hemp Extract vs CBD Oil

Dr. Cass Ingram Raw Super Critical Hemp Extract vs CBD Oil. Read more in, “The Cannabis Cure.


  1. Been doing more CBD. It's helping major anxiety.

  2. You are confusing cannabinoids and terpines.

    Could not get up after using CBD? Wow, that has to be a first.

    Hemp is used to extract heavy contaminants from the soil.

    Google ''Hemp vs Nuclear Waste''

    Where is your hemp coming from?

    Folks…unless you grow your own, you are at the mercy of charlatans.

  3. My friend suffers from seizures due to a congenital defect. He is only 19 years old, and as he ages the seizures are stronger and occur more often. He has had some treatments with some success with CBD oils, but it is difficult to acquire the most beneficial product. Do you know the best strain of cannabis for treating seizures, and the best way to extract the cannabinoids?

  4. Cass,
    what are your thought on the phytoestrogenic effects of cannabis and its effects on the luetenizing components such as gonadaltropin?

    As hops and cannabis harken from the same family, they share hormonal and endocrine abilities.

    You may agree, as a fellow herbalist, that the combination of Cannabis, Hops and soy ( presumably a common dietary staple in both of our circles) would be perfect herbal regime for a pre and post menopausal woman, but a very poor choice for men.

    In a Tufts 2007 study, they found the thyroidal disruption caused by cannabis, particularly when consumed in extracted high cbd forms to be aversive, and coupled with the increase in forvalent estrogen in our bloodstream.

    Cannabis temporarily stops the reuptake and assimilation of estrogens in the body, and depresses the production of testosterone.

    By itself, I have seen it useful for some conditions, however, with the phytoesterogenic effects of hops, and the xenoestrogic environment we live in, it seems a poor choice for men and those with thyroidal (particularly hypo thyroidism)

    Stay well my friend and keep sharing.

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