Does CBD oil work for erectile dysfunction?

Does CBD oil work for erectile dysfunction? Full truth is I do not know. What with the long-failed US policy against anything …


  1. This full-spectrum idea sounds important. I can see how an isolated compound may not be as good. I'll check your site.

  2. Maybe this is the answer to my Fibromyalgia pains.

  3. Cool. I have a few people to tell about this.

  4. Interesting. Hey, Bill. Did you see this!

  5. Medical marijuana by mail? I like it!

  6. My freaky pound-dog gets seizures, does it work with pets?

  7. I'll have to ask the Dr. on this one.

  8. So does this herbal oil work for anxiety?

  9. I've been hearing about CBD, and I like that yours is an herbal oil. Thanks.

  10. And it's vegan too. What's not to like!

  11. My brother has depression. What's the story there?

  12. So what's the deal with this as a business?

  13. Will be interesting to hear what the Doctor says.

  14. It's about time this became widely available. Good!

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