Does CBD OIL work for ANXIETY????

I tried CBD oil everyday for 2 weeks, watch the video to see if it worked for my anxiety. JUMP TO IN THE VIDEO About the CBD oil I tried- 2:41 How I took it- 8:01 …


  1. I tried a different company (hempworx) for my anxiety which lead to depression since it was constant! I noticed results day 1, using 5 drops 2x a day! For mood disorders (Anxiety,depression etc) it works but in low doses!! I experimented taking more drops up to 20 2x a day and that looks like about how much you had in your dropper and my anxiety came back so my ideal dose is 5 drops 2x daily!!

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  3. Only use Hempworx. Its 100% pure, organic, non gmo with no additives. Made completely in USA. Too many oils have things outsourced to make it cheaper and it ruins the quality. Hempworx is the only CBD producer Ive found that has an FDA approved facility. Started using their oil over a month ago and ive never felt better. My depression has gotten better, no more aches and pains from my job or exercise, and even my skin looks healthier. Truly remarkable stuff.

  4. Not sure how your doing with your oil trials but there's a product by the Stanley brothers called charlottes web . They offer a couple of flavors , my favorite Is the mint chocolate, still a bit of a earthy taste but it helps. Hope all is well, thanks for the MOTAvation!!

  5. yes you should hold it under your tongue for at least 90 seconds but longer is better especially if its a low cbd content oil, $40 for what looks like a 40ml bottle is cheap and i would assume it has a low cbd content, also you should look to getting full spectrum cbd oil or the paste which works out cheaper for cbd content, cheap cbd oil isnt worth it really especially if your aim to help (not cure) certain ailments but good to add to your daily supplements for general health ……high % full spectrum cbd oil is for more superior in all aspects but it is expensive……..that small dose you took each morning should of been repeated 3 times a day…….the main confusion with cbd is the dosage, people are just not taking enough to get the benefits……for anxiety purpose you could use cbd isolate in a vape pen and use when you feel the need for it but you also need to regularly dose cbd as you need to build it up in the body and maintain it but the problem with cbd at the moment is that it is expensive.

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  7. I got my oil from
    they have a full spectrum oil that crushes anxiety
    It is leaps and bounds above other oils on the market. They usually put samples in the orders, very personable company!

  8. Try Charlotte’s Web .. Everyday Advanced $150.00 online.
    Alot of times with this stuff .. you get what you pay for. CW is a proven, reputable brand. And the taste is very mild. I have the olive oil flavor, but they also have chocolate mint. Good luck Sweetie .. ?

  9. does it make you breast better at night, er rest?

  10. What’s the legal age to buy CBD oil? 18 or 21 ?

  11. I have a rotator cuff that I ripped and had operated on and hurts a lot at night time when I'm sleeping. And anxiety
    issues and can't believe how much CBD helps. Check out this site, I found these guys with a little
    looking around:, I'd recommend getting higher doses though.The lower Doses seem fine in some cases but
    the 1000mgTincture bottles had the most noticeable impact. Still haven't tried the 2000mg one yet.And if you spend
    $60 they send you a pack of gum for free and also free shipping how can you go wrong and top shelf CBD.

  12. i love it for my anxiety!!! get your cbd here! this stuff is bomb and there is also beauty products and products for your dogs!!

  13. try another product ( charlottes web or lazarus naturals)

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  15. I was epileptic as a child, pretty bad. My mom tried everything but nothing ever helped. We tried açaí, eating organic, a bunch of random things and depakote. Eventually one day it just stopped but now I have chronic anxiety and I’m 22. All I want is to feel normal but I don’t know if I ever will. I’ve heard about CBD and want to try it but I’m always so scared to try anything new.

  16. What was the mg dose?they have 7,500 mg cbd tinctures at cbd lab here in Vegas,and also have cbd in crystal form which is cbd in its purest form as well as edibles and vape oils. I would speculate that the form of cbd in the way you use it and its potency makes a big diffrence, for your panic attacks,vaping a high dose of cbd oil is probuably the best form and for generalized anxiety oils with high mg u take under toungue depending how much anxiety you have. You can check there website out Its

  17. Works great for sleep.
    Works great for minor pain and aches.
    DOES NOT evenly remotely close work for people who have severe anxiety and adhd. Made my anxiety so much worse. Unfortunately…

  18. You are very disciplined 🙂
    Have you ever delved into the root cause of your anxiety when you're feeling it. I mean the very root cause of it.

  19. Thanks for posting this. I recently bought a CBD edible. Haven't tried it yet but I will start tomorrow.

  20. Have you tried it for your anxiety or would you try it?

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