Does CBD Oil Need THC To Be Beneficial?

Does CBD Oil Need THC To Be Beneficial? CBD oil has some benefits, but the real anti-cancer potency comes from Cannabis oil which contains THC. In most …


  1. not indica or sativa.hemp id a distant cousin.not worth buying at all.

  2. I've known plenty of people who were pot heads back in my day who died of cancer. The absolutely only reason big pharma has their hands in it, is because the govt has had their hands in it since the 70's for money. The only reason there has been so much research done on it, is because it's been funded by big pharma. Big pharma is a part of our corrupt govt. The plant has been so tampered with harmful chemicals that you can't even find it organic or wild any more. The effects of these harmful chemicals have not been researched because of lack of funds. The seeds are not in your bag of pot anymore because they don't want you growing it.

    If we take a simple wild herb like plantain that grows everywhere and did all the research that pot has gotten, I believe we would find similar or even greater results. Plantain was once called the (anti) cancer herb in Brazil and Peru.

    Don't be deceived. My daughter, who has her PhD in toxicology, learned that pharmaceuticals had all the money for research. In order to get her PhD, she had to do research on a new pharmaceutical. Don't believe science over the Holy Spirit who teaches us all things. Science only knows a teeny, tiny bit of what God knows. You know this.

    Anti cancer or anti any disease comes from unity with God, in our body soul and spirit. We respect and empower our bodies by eating Jesus' body as the bread of life, drinking His Blood as the living waters, and eating well and exercising; we respect and empower our soul by renewing our mind with the Holy Spirit and Truth, thinking on good things, praising Him etc; and we respect and empower or spirit by loving and communing with God and loving others. Anything along those lines works! ☺️

    It's simple Chris, and I am an living example of it. God bless you! ❤️❤️❤️

  3. You do not need THC for CBD to be effective, I use it it works it's great however i will say it may not work for every individual so I'd say experiment a little especially with mg, I use a 1500mg full spectrum tincture for PMDD and I love it, helps me be normal and I'm also able to function better at work during PMDD. Easy to take and easy to monitor your dosage.

  4. Can this help with extreme agitation?

  5. I'm not sure what state you're in but Cannabis oil is not illegal in my state if you have a rec

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  7. Do more research. CBD oil does kill cancer cells, I just does it differently and takes longer. But it does the trick.

  8. Hey Chris!

    Thank you for sharing all of your videos. I've been silently following you for a while . Did you take cannabis suppositories or FECO/RSO orally?

  9. Chris, so people who smoke marijuana are less likely to get cancer or will their tumors shrink because they smoked marijuana?

  10. Sheila you are extremely wrong you get very high thats why u take a little then up the dose. I had breast cancer 3 yrs ago went to a legal state Colorado got oil.was way too excited to start taking the oil. Took way too much for a first dose threw up for 4 hrs straight.thought it was gonna kill me. But it didn't so everyone be careful follow dosing carefully or u will wish u did. Eating cannabis is much more powerful than smoking.

  11. You would need to buy a particular plant for a particular cancer– not just any plant any THC.

  12. All of your pot products are legal where I live in the S.F. bay area, you just have to get a note from one of many willing doctors saying you need it – and that's super easy. Anyway, I got some for sleep and took it and totally freaked out. In order to distract myself from my panic I had to clean my whole house. My panic lasted some of the next day as well. Omg I would never touch that stuff again.

  13. Hi Chris, where I live it has become legal to grow in large amounts outside, acres of plants are visible on earth google in our county. It's unbelievable the grows in our county, it's become a large problem for people in town because of the smell of the plants and other problems that come from counties that have legalized it. I have a neighbor on a large piece of land next to me that makes the oil. They are growing everything on their land organically, which is a real blessing for us, but most of the pot farms are using tons of chemicals and I'm concerned about our wells in this county. We moved here because it was rural and the water and land was pristine, so one of my biggest concerns is that most of the growers could care less about the wells or land, they are in it for the money.

  14. Thanks Chis. Only 90% THC oil will help you to beat cancer. Also 90% of people have no idea what they are talking about.

  15. thank god you are saying this…Jindrich Bayer would agree with you..and he is the Yoda of RSO…

  16. if u remember correctly thc is what causes the high or stoned effect..cbd is the actual medicinal part of the plant..helps with cancer..chrons..ptsd..etc

  17. NO! THC is taken out of the marijuana, and the CBD and the medicinal qualities are the same, even when the THC is bred out. The THC just provides the head-high. You Tube Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Weed Series – they are older, but packed with great healing information. You will also see and meet 5 Colorado Brothers, who discovered how to breed the THC out of the marijuana plants and just made pure CBD oil for a medicine that helps a little girl with severe seisures! It is awesome. I am a big proponent of legaization all over the US for medicinal purposes. It has always been easy to get, although, yes illegal as a recreational high.

  18. Fab, thanks! And: some of us are lucky enough to live in states with medical or recreational cannibis and can get our cbd oil without saying PSSSSSTTTTTTT to random teenagers. 🙂 (My dispensary in Washington, DC sells a super concentrated version which you can either cook & mix up with alcohol or glycerine .)

  19. yes cbd can stop cancer grow and thc can reduce Tumors

  20. I was wondering what you were going to say.  I agree with you.  You need the whole plant.  I watched the Rick Simpson movie and that's what he says.  People think you will get high from this oil, but you don't.  It's potent good healing stuff!!!!

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