Doctors Speak Out On The Benefits Of CBD (Cannabidiol) If you’ve been carefully following the marijuana legal battle, you know CBD (also known as cannabidiol) is on the brink of a …


  1. all cannabis and derivatives should be illegal in every shape way and form.

    Yes it might help but why take pot and pot liquids when there are perfectly good and effective pharma drugs that do the same things. Got cancer ? I wouldn't rely on pot substances when there are perfectly effective chemo therapy drugs that are much stronger. expensive ? yes but you get what you pay for.

    no brainer to me… if rather be half dead on chemo then put all my hopes in pot and end up dying anyways.

    I'm proud of modern medicine and science I would gladly and confidently place my life in the medical system and big pharma.

    thanks for reading you got a big decision to make.

  2. I think dose standardised canabinols are where things should go medically. that way you can figure what dose works for your condition and be able to repeat that exact dose each time. There is no reason to stop the distribution of CBD products certainly, it doesn't really provide a high. THC on the other hand, well…LOL. Then there has to be standardisation of allowable blood concentrations of THC for the purpose of DWI and workplace OH&S. Traces can hang around for days in saliva after the buzz has disappeared. At what stage is someone safe to operate a vehicle or machinery? There has to be much more research into that.

  3. The crooked, corrupt, government will only allow people to decide for themselves, what they can or should be able to take, when they can satisfy their immoral greed.

  4. 2 ingredients ? thats fake news.But what do you expect from Dr.Gupta at cnn.

  5. My daughter has a ABI related to cyst in her brain. She has progressed so well.
    I believe her brain is starting to work. Areas involved pituitary and thalmos.
    Less use of Desmopressin.
    Calm. No SE

  6. marijuana has suppressed my epilepsy for years before I knew what my blackouts were

  7. We need to dig out what is the right doses What is recommended on the label is no we’re effective So we all have to find our own sweet spot

  8. Finally, the truth is coming out! CBD is not just going to change the medicinal/political game, but also the game of life and health!

  9. My friend Katrina has epilepsy and I had suggested that she try CBD oil since it stops seizures

  10. Thank you for enlightening us on this root system in CBD

  11. I love the cbd oil products because my customers ask for more after first usage.

  12. It isn't medicine and the medical industry doesn't know what they're talking about. Believe me it will be a big pharma drug and synthetic product!

  13. Amazing honesty and information given……..

  14. It's great that is finally coming to light. But the government and the Israeli scientist have been knowing about CBD and seizures for many years why does it take so long to come out? Oh yeah pharmaceutical companies in their money boycott every pharmaceutical company out there

  15. And we all thought it would be legal in ten years (from back in 1969). HA!

  16. Uh…the text that was shown on the Fox segment was ridiculous.

    Marijuana is not 'made from plant leaves'. And hemp plants are grown/processed in a completely different way from marijuana plants. You want the flower from a marjiuana plant, and what part of hemp plants are being processed depends on what you are trying to make…

  17. I use it for anxiety (CBD Brothers blue edition from the UK and Jacob Hooy too) it's fantastic! Also very good for migraines and PCOS/PMS. Had great successes so far when nothing else the doctor could prescribe was working. I've tried every antidepressant on the market, even the older ones, even ones that made me horrendously sick, and I get valium prescribed from the doctor to help control my panic attacks. CBD is literally the ONLY thing that helps me other than pharmaceuticals, which all come with side effects.

  18. I've has MS for nearly 20yrs, I was skeptical about cbd until I had bee vaping it for a week. All the dizziness, weakness, numbness and tingling, extreme fatigue, and brain fog have gone. I'm completely blown away! What a wonder drug✌️✌️

  19. And evilists in Big pharma will put an end to this in a heartbeat!

  20. THC and CBD both have Ld50 (lethal dose) studies and tolerances which prove cannabis and it's varieties are just as lethal as the other pharmaceutical poisons that Doctors have been promoting through BIG PHARMA for their entire careers . All we ever hear from the ignorant community of avid pot users is, "You can't die from a Marijuana overdose" There have been numerous fatalities worldwide. Marijuana is not a pleasant drug and it is just as addictive as alcohol, benzodiazepines, cocaine, heroin, caffeine or any other illicit substances. So don't take this doctors word for its miraculous benefits. Abstinence of drugs is a better plan altogether. Try eating 500 – 1000mg of THC and try damn hard not to feel like you are about to literally die. MARIJUANA IS BAD NEWS!!!

  21. depression and anxiety? get off your but and exercise

  22. But we are still inprisoning thousands of GOOD HARD WORKING AMERICANS in jail. Inbred if you ask me that people are still thrown into a jail cell for Cannabis/Marijuana!!!!!!!

  23. thc does not have to be heated to get high

  24. I’ve ordered some Hemp oil but I’d like cannabis oil as well but I don’t know where to get it

  25. It's wonderful that Hemp CBD oil works for seizures and some other health aspects BUT I had adverse side effects after trying 'lab tested' CBD oil capsules for 2 weeks: headaches, increased fatigue, loss of appetite. It did help somewhat with the pain but I need a higher THC level to relieve fatigue and stimulate my appetite.

  26. All these oils are fake, sales gimmick… not FDA approved.why would you ingest something you don't know about??!! people are such fools!!!!!

  27. I wanna be a canabinoid research scientist

  28. Super food isn't a real term. Its a made up marketing term and when you use it you lose credibility.

  29. hello doctor. my mom is suffering from ractal cancer stage 2 and she is taking cannabis oil for the padt 20 days she is nt having any kind of pain but puss is coming from her utrus. can u plz help me to save my mom. plz dr do reply that is it a good sign or not. wziting for a reply. thank u

  30. Can I use indica w/THC to make CBD oil AND remove the THC from it? Anyone have a recipe? Chronic intractable pain😫

  31. would it help cronic planter fashitus

  32. Thanks, please keep updates.. All the best

  33. Hemp is actually just the fiber extracted from the cannabis plant…from its stem and main stalk, used to make rope, cloth textiles, and paper. What this gentleman at the end of the video, is talking about is an oil extracted specifically from the buds of the cannabis plant.

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