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Every Day Optimal CBD Oil Tincture – 300mg Pure CBD

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  1. Hey Kimmi, I'll definitely look into it tomorrow, have a doc appt. I would like to make more videos, just been in a funk, i need to make another update soon. Thanks, take care…

  2. I get my CDB oil from my dr and you will always pass a drug test. I think it costs more but it’s worth it. Good luck?hope you make more videos.

  3. I too am from WI and I'm on Prescription drugs. I want to try CBD but they make you sign a damn contract and threaten if they find ANY THC they will boot you off. WI needs to wake up. This sucks ass!!!

  4. CBD/THC with 2:1 ratio works best but u still fail drug test even though CBD wipes out any high from THC.

  5. I want to try it for my joint pain, but dont want to pop. Its a shame something that helps you is illegal .

  6. I have a CDL also. Been considering getting some CBD hemp oil but now I won't. Everybody says it has a minimal amount of THC like less than .01% THC. It shouldn't show up in drug test but it MAYBE could show up. Well, I can't risk my career on a MAYBE. So, as a trucker I'm screwed. Can't afford insurance and can't try home remedies.

  7. Is cbd oil any good? I have a friend with ms who uses it and it really helps him.

  8. Tested myself came out positive too, wondering if it's a false positive . Going to stop for a week and test myself again. Messed up shit man

  9. 18% THC and that sucks that they are making it a schedule 1 drug in some states. Hasn’t hit every one yet . Big pharma doesn’t like that they aren’t making money from it so automatically they make it illegal! The tax man isn’t happy either so there you have it . I feel your pain 24/7

  10. That’s terrible they can make you out to be a junkie. Your THC levels were very low I’m sure. I’m under the same scrutiny but my company would fire me no matter what. Just go to the job that lets you take CBD. Quality of life is more important for sure. Trucking is good money but way too many regulations!

  11. Sick and tired of being sick an tired.
    It's okay buddy, We're here for ya!
    Got a few things & watching you tell me about it.

  12. I just subscribed. You seem to be a down to earth, don't take no shit kind of guy! I hope you can get everything fixed with your job man. I've been taking CBD oil for the last 7 days. That's how I found this video. I have alot of the same things going on as well man and i get random drug tests at my job. Thank you for sharing this video with us! I hope you get to feeling better as well!

  13. Isolate CBD doesn't have any thc

  14. Dude, I've been on high MG of Oxys for years as well and have been clean for two months because of Kratom. Trust me. Check into it.

  15. Isn't the drug test for CDLs (and other DOT jobs) a whole lot more detailed- in that it has a much lower allowance before a failure, than say a standard screen for regular jobs?

  16. Do you use full spectrum cbd oil ? I'd use isolated cbd

  17. Thanks for your honest response I’m on probation and this will destroy me. How many months where u taking it ?

  18. methadone is the way to go. you can be on if forever if you want. or off when you choose. plus most jobs dont test for methadone

  19. Hey man ur doing great. Im getting.off pain pills to im 27 man i hear you. Im awake to the way this world is and it truly is heart breaking. So much manipulation and hate, when all we need is love. Your story is amazing abd your energy is pure. I lovd you brother and keep fighting the good fight your soul is on ths line

  20. @Mr.Mysterious How much CBD were you taking daily?

  21. Honestly I didn't think it would be a big issue since there's no psychedelic in the CBD. And then they sell it over the counter also. I'm trying to find alternative message instead of popping pain pills constantly. Live and learn I guess

  22. How did u get so much injury's?

  23. I totally understand about being in pain and tired of it. Totally withdrawn socially here too.
    Have you considered filing for disability?

  24. Hello to a fellow Wisconsinite! I decided to go off of Xanax back in January. It’s great that I no longer take that poison, but now I’m stuck with the Anxiety and PTSD. I just got some CBD oil for the first time a couple of days ago. It’s of course too soon to determine it’s effects on me. I am outraged that companies aren’t using the appropriate test which can show the difference between using marijuana as opposed to CBD. I suffer chronic pain as well. I have had two major back surgeries which involved a triple level fusion. I also have a relatively rare pain condition called CRPS. I used to use a high amount of Vicodin, MSCONTIN, and Soma. I didn’t like what they did to me, so I tapered off of all of it and I know use a much safer prescription called the Butrans patch. It actually works great and the abuse potential is low as the patch has no bioavailability therefore it can’t be eaten like other Narcotic patches. I sometimes take Nucynta for breakthrough pain which is safer than the heavy opiates are. I’ve come a long way with getting off so many dangerous drugs. My dilemma is that I go to pain management for my Butrans patches, so I realize that I’m taking a risk of failing a drug test like you did. It’s disgusting because it is classified legal, but for people like us, it’s technically NOT legal because we risk our jobs and medical care if we use it! A fully legal substance should not ethnically make one fail a drug test. The minuscule amount of THC should be allowed since it’s supposedly legal! I really feel for you for what you are going through. I will keep you in my prayers.

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