Crohn’s Disease & CBD Oil: Does It Work?! My Honest Review

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to give my honest review of CBD oil and how it’s worked for me thus far. Has anyone else on here tried it? What are your …


  1. I’ve recently tried the vape version of CBD and while it tastes a lot better going in, I don't feel like it has the same effect as the dropper under the tongue. With the dropper I felt calmer and I feel no pain within 20 mins but with the vape, I can't tell if it's working or not. I've been trying the vape for the last month but I think the dropper is the winner for me. I think the quality of CBD is important and I get my CBD from They are organic , no GMO , they have full spectrum and CBD Isolate oils also they post the lab test results on their website.

  2. Thanks Mel for being brave and sharing your experience. I have UC, going to give the oil a shot. Wishing you well.

  3. Hello Melanie, this is great video and glad cbd helped you..I wanted to share some info about cbd becsuse People should know that cbd has great benefits. It has been around for a long time, Egyptian, assyrians etc have used cbd, here is more info about cbd

  4. My friend who makes CBD oils and oil rubs he also has Crowns and today is almost painfree and I have serious knee pain and severe insomnia he made me both a knee rub and oil to eat before bed 3 weeks later I can honestly say I'm doing at least 90% better this stuff is truly a gift of God …Imagine if we had 9f known this yrs ago….powers that be are so greedy….

  5. I’m trying it today! I have fistulizing Crohn’s and everything you mentioned get…guess we all do. And the ptsd from all the surgeries and things we go through and see. Anyway thank so much!

  6. Helped with the pain a little it was no miracle though to be honest.

  7. Melanie I had crohns for over thirty five years for twenty plus years I used cannabis to control it. five years after I stopped I had to have two feet of my intestine removed now I take Humira and oral chemo drugs. I started cbd this week to see if it will help. but on a serious note do you have any deer hunting land.

  8. Thank you for the informative video. CBD has helped my son so well, he no longer has ANY symptoms of Crohn's! It worked so well with him, I tried it and it has eliminated my anxiety and a lifelong back issue.. Great Info!
    This is the company that helped me.

  9. Cbd oil brought my wife out of a 2 year flare up in 3 weeks. The 5% sativa oil works really well, using the weaker 2% – 3% oil the Crohn's starts to show it's face again. After 6 months of cbd, the latest colonoscopy results showed zero signs of any Crohn's disease at all. She has now stopped taking humira and all other medication. A real life changer! Thanks for the video, more people with the disease need cbd oil in their life! 🙂

  10. Hmmm. Why did you delete my comment? I'm starting to think you work for cbdamericanshaman or Organic Hemp Botanicals. Weird you would delete a comment with such good info concerning the safety of the CBD products you use.

  11. try to use full spectrum plant extracts, if its legal the cdb 10:1 rso which is cannabis oil is VERY healing … ACTUAL HEALING, for crohn's. you use a pin head size drop and gradually increase it….. look up RSO. Walden makes a very beneficial cbd rso 10:1 ratio product. Blessings. Peace!

  12. This has been a very informative video! I'm glad that the product is having a positive effect on you.

  13. Update! I got a new bottle, and I went up to 1,000mg. This bottle was $179.00. It was more expensive because this one is a higher dose, and it's more concentrated. Plus with this one since it's a higher dose; I don't have to use the full plunger just a couple of drops. However, I might do more to see if I get more results. The brand I went with this time was called: Organic Hemp Botanicals 😀 Hope this helps!

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