Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus CBD Oil Review

This video is a review of Charlotte’s Web Everyday Plus CBD oil made by the Stanley Brothers.


  1. Ian – try the capsule version sometime…it's a consistent effect and you don't have to meddle with that dropper.

  2. Thank you for this very succinct but excellent and very informative review, most helpful for me and I do hope you are well and are managing with your Parkinson’s condition Ian, thank you.

  3. I watched your video as I'm researching for a friend who's father has Parkinson's. Good luck with your health. And thank you for the info.

  4. Yet, another scam for fools. I purchased one of these little bottles at over 100.00. Have used almost all of it. I might as well be swigging a teaspoon of olive oil. Absolutely no effect whatsoever. Another fad, just like Coconut Oil.

  5. I'm trying CW CDB oil 1/2 dropper per pharmacist recommendation. 4 days later I still experience weakness, shakiness and rapid heart rate. I could never smoke pot and apparently I still can't tolerate what's in this CDB oil. I think it's a great alternative for some people but not me! I have no other alternative now, since I no longer get pain meds and I'm allergic to Nsaids. Where do people such as myself go for pain relief???
    Opiates are treated like pot was back in the '80s now everyone wants us to use marijuana and ditch the narcotics. Really, what's the difference in pot now and 30 years ago or morphine?

  6. My wife just bought some of this today in Pickering UK. First application will be tonight.

  7. I'm going to be starting Charlotte's Web Plus in the next week and wondering how many drops I should use? im a 250 lb male

  8. I use this for old fractures which have left some joints arthritic. Respectfully, you 're supposed to hold it under your tongue for a few minutes. It is absorbed into the blood stream faster this way. Any oil that is swallowed will be absorbed through the stomach lining but will inevitably be washed away with your stomach contents. So, downing it without sublingual absorption isn't as effective as dosing it and holding it. Because Charolotte's Web brand has the wonderful mint/chocolate flavor, it's far less aggravating to take than other nasty flavored CBD. Please use my method as these tinctures are specifically made for sublingual holding.

  9. Best of continued progress and blessings mate!

  10. Thank You For Sharing! So happy this helps You!!!!!!! You are amazing Sir! Thank you! 🙂

  11. This is a marketing gimmick. The CW Everyday or HEMP Everyday does not contain CBD at all. No where on their web site, packaging or the bottles say it contains CBD. But they do have play on words like “CW Hemp Extract” or “CBD Extract” etc. CBD is a highly illegal substance. It is a scheduled I drug by the DEA. Always has been. They can not legally sell CBD or any products that contain CBD. There are smaller companies that do sell actual CBD oils and products but again, the products from this company CW does not contain CBD at all.

  12. I keep hearing that cdb oil is good for increasing energy. True? Is there a particular type, brand, strain for that? Can someone advise please? Thanks.

  13. I love your simple explanation. And also your sincerity. Thank you so much. I wish you a full recovery.

  14. Anyone know where I can buy and get some charlottes web cbd oil I been looking everywhere I can't find it pls help???

  15. Well done sir, thanks for sharing.

  16. The mint chocolate cbd is suppose to be dark color, right? This video shows it to be a golden color.

  17. Thank you. Have you tried the stronger dose? Advanced version?

  18. Good video!I live in the United States in Georgia and marijuana is illegal here (stupid in my opinion considering how much good it can do) but I have some cbd oil that I’ve been using for a couple of days,and I wanted to ask your opinion on this because you seem experienced in this subject.I have anxiety and bad headaches which is why I have cbd oil and I’ve been wanting to get a better quality one like charlottes web and do you think that would help better?

  19. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  20. Thank you for the review, best wishes on your health!

  21. He's reading from a script people

  22. Does anyone have experience with using CBD whilst being prescribed Trihexypenidyl? My father has PD and we just purchased the everyday 500 Charlottes Web. However, there haven't been any changes to his symptoms. Is this because the prescribed drug is reversing the effects of the oil? Should the dose of the medicine be reduced slowly whilst taking CBD?

  23. Sir I hope u feel no more pain!

  24. Thank you most informative, Just a tip stay away from metal utensils, you probably have high toxins of heavy metals.I am doing chelation treatment helped with shaking and other things as well. stay well.

  25. Ian, I wish I could have discovered this when my father was alive. he had Parkinson disease to. he ended up with a stroke and two quadruple bypass surgery in a 12yr span. I'm now trying to learn all I can about cbd/hemp oils for myself. I've been through 6 spinal cord surgeries and have arthritis through out my whole body. my Dr wants me to get a spinal cord stimulator installed, but I don't think I could go through anymore surgeries regardless of how invasive they are. I'm already plant based, so I think I'm going to follow dr.bernardo majalca suggestion on alkaline eating to see if it will help me. for the pain I'm slowly learning yoga. a slow yoga. I'm trying to let my body heal itself. meditation is helping to. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. God bless you. I'm subscribing so that I can learn more about the oils and the effects they offer.

  26. Thank you for this video! Someone in my family has Parkinson's and I hope this helps. HUGS

  27. I've been taking CW advanced 500 for months and don't feel anything. I also have PD.

  28. Thank you for your review. I have Lupus and am trying to find the right oil to help with pain and nerve pain. I have found the exact one you have from the maker's website and am ordering today. Thank you again.


  30. May I ask where you live & how you managed to order/buy the CBD oil?

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