Charlotte’s Web Everyday 200 CBD Oil Review

This video is a review of Charlotte’s Web Everyday 200 CBD Oil made by The Stanley Brothers.


  1. The best way to take CBD oil is under your tongue. It gets directly into your system avoiding having to go through the stomach, liver ect… where you lose most of the dosage. By taking it under your tongue it bypassed these organs and you get the full effects in a shorter amount of time.

  2. Fascinating and clear review. I am very grateful. I have been wanting to try cbd oil for some time for muscular spasms – not Parkinson's – and I feel much more reassured they will not give side effects. I am on heart medication so will check with my go first. Keep up the great work. A friend also has a father with Parkinson's and would like to try it. I will point her to your channel

  3. The liquid is transparent so it's not hemp extract at all not full spectrum extract, it's probably cbd isolate, you need everything from plant extract.

  4. How long does the effects last?

  5. How many MG would you recommend for Parkinsons and tremors?

  6. Thanks I hope it continues to help you

  7. Any update? Are you still using this?

  8. Your video has helped me see that tremors can be helped by Charlottes Web. I have essential tremors, worse on my left side, but also in both legs and under extreme stress or anxiety, my heads is also involved. I am currently prescribed 1.5 mg of clonazapam, which is a controlled substance and highly addictive. The CW is much more expensive, but I don’t want to be addicted to a controlled substance. I also have psoriasis and migraines, which other users of CW have reported being helped by the oil. Thank you for sharing and I’ll watch for more updates from you. My best to you!

    Maddox Stevens

  9. GOD Im so happy this is working for you Bro!

  10. What an amazing guy. Going through so much and helping others aswell.

  11. You have made an excellent video, thank you

  12. Fuck the government for not allowing sick people medication if my step dad worsens I will be setting up a grow and the police can kiss my Fucking ass

  13. Thanks for taking the time to do the work.  Very informative.

  14. I have had multiple sclerosis for over 20 yrs. The benefits to me have been unbelievable!!!! I thank God for CBD!

  15. Excellent video. Sorry to hear you have Parkinson's disease.

  16. CBD oil has worked for me. The PROBLEM with CW products is their SHIPPING!! Ordered two WEEKS ago still not here. WTF! This is the third and LAST time I will be doing business with this flunky company. …get your delivery figured out you idiots.

  17. Amazing. I hope this has a lasting affect for your condition!

  18. Thx. I will try for anxiety and sleep.

  19. Mr Ian, you are truly an amazing individual with a heart of gold. I love your videos but most importantly, you are shining a light on PD from a different corner with a mix of humour, seriousness, informative narrative and light heartedness. For me you have shown me the wonderful person you are. My youngest brother got diagnosed with PD a year ago and PD has sucked life out of him day by day. He is going to have the same brain op next month. We live 14 hours by air from each other. I can not be by his side but your videos alone has made a great difference, you have made me understand what my brother could not communicate to me. He is about your age and he is as gentlemanly as yourself. Kind, giving, loving and understanding. And when I watch you, I do hope he will be the same as you.
    Thank you Brother Ian for shining the light of awareness and please do keep shining, you are a lighthouse for many just like me at least in my turbulent dark sea. Thank you.

  20. Hey so I’m 13 and I’ve been looking online at the cw hemp oil and do u have to be 18 or older to use it?I want to get it because I get anxiety and I have headaches sometimes

  21. I wonder if this will help with my CRPS……I guess I'll find out soon. 😀

  22. Anyone checking up on the label dosage? I mean is there really the mg they say per bottle? Purity etc.? How do we check up on these things?

    Also, glad to see CBD is helping you good sir, thanks for the video. 🙂

  23. I used the cw 500 for over several months , it had no affect on my PD symptoms or tremors.

  24. Didn't do shit for my anxiety

  25. I have 500 mg. I found out it's 1 mg per drop. If Vaped how many mg per drag?

  26. thanks a lot for this videos you make and keeping it cheerful. wish u more success

  27. Hi Ian Frizell. Do you think "Charlotte's Web, Everyday 200 CBD Oil" could help with Neuropathic pain (Nerve pain). I have read on the internet , that many people have reported that CBD oil from Hemp does not help with pain. CBD from cannabis has to have some THC to help for pain. What are your thoughts? Thanks..

  28. I'm using it for pain and ptsd. Good results with the 200 but will order that 500 next. Helps me sleep well without waking in panic and pain. thanks for your review!

  29. hi….my mum has parkinsons and has many off days, her neck and jaw goes stiff and she feels 3 sheets to the wind, do you think the cbd oil will help? would love to hear back, and get advice. thanks.

  30. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  31. can someone who is 17 use this ?

  32. Wow! That's amazing and glad it's helping you.

  33. hi I am looking to purchase CBD oil for a friend of mine who has Parkinson's. Could you recommend a reliable retailer?

  34. any recommendations for severe anxiety and insomnia? the 200 or the 500 ? great information very helpful thank you .

  35. Thank you for your great video.

  36. Just buy the 5000mg bottle. your dose will be far cheaper. I do also believe that cbd has reverse tolerance, meaning you can get by with less as time goes by.

  37. Can I smoke this in a vape

  38. Your videos are incredibly interesting to watch, thank you for taking the time to do this. The results are absolutely fascinating. Very informative and clear. Continue the good work Ian! The more and more you do these videos and become more popular, the faster people will find you and hopefully benefit from the information you're providing. Very inspiring!

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