Charlottes Web CBD Oil Tips + Update

Anything you get helps support the channel! 🙂 Amazon Affiliate link: The Charlottes web cbd oil has been working great for me this far.


  1. Anything you get on Amazon helps support the channel!
    Amazon affiliate link:
    Thank you so much everyone! Has anyone here tied the CW CBD oil? If so what was your experience using it?

  2. I'll order under your link. I had things I was going to buy anyway

  3. OMG! if I hear consult your doctor one more time I'm going to lose my mind. How in the hell would consulting my doctor help anything. Ask an MD??? they are educated in synthetic drugs ONLY. Can we please stop saying "consult your doctor" for every aspect of life? What? you say you want to eat a grape… well, consult your doctor first.

    I still "liked" your video.

  4. for pain you need higher strength…. 1000-1500mg, the lower strength of 100/200/300 won't work and is best for anxiety, sleep…

  5. I tried it, and i don't think CW Hemp is the one for me. Had a terrible
    day. Brain fog, and really tired. I was using another brand of cbd for 4
    days before this and it was doing great. I don't understand how there
    could be such a difference. I used the same dosage as before. I'll try
    it once more tomorrow, and then I'll go back to the other brand. It
    really bums me out cause I heard so much good stuff about CW, and the
    other brand is more expensive too.

  6. Hey, what is the song in the intro ?

  7. If I use this will i test positive on a drug test?

  8. Hi I bought the basic 30ml bottle and I’m using it to treat my panic attacks. How will I know my sweet spot? What am I supposed to fill?

  9. I take it for anxiety and my mom seems to be extremely suspensions of it. Like saying it makes you dumb and there not enough reasuech on it and bull shit

  10. How much do you take dailt…am/pm thanks

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