Charlottes Web CBD Oil Overview My Experience With It

Hey everyone so I made a very general video about Charlottes web cbd oil. This charlottes web video is a little more specific on how I take it and what my …


  1. Use my Amazon Affiliate link here!: I appreciate everyone who uses this THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  2. I'm know this comment is rude as hell of me, but my goodness, Wavy Tech, don't spend your hard-earned money on any more décor until you've gotten some decorating advice and help/intervention.

  3. Just got my order yesterday. I had been taking Nuleaf brand, and was pretty happy with the results. Tried the CW this morning, and am not sure if I'm having a bad day or if it is the difference in product. I feel a bit on edge, and irritable. I'll stick with it, and see how it goes tomorrow.

  4. 30ml in Ireland costs about $130, crazy you can get it there for $40

  5. Thank you for making this video really helped I've been trying out different ones too see which one works best and this video made me feel a little bit better about testing this one out

  6. Is this a review or is he selling it???

  7. Hahaha
    (The glasses ? part)
    Interesting ?

  8. Ordered some CBD gummies from PureKana. Have you checked them out yet? I have never taken CBD, and I'm waiting on my order to come in.

  9. I use Octagon Biolabs CBD 1000mg and love it!

  10. This is a marketing gimmick. The CW Everyday or HEMP Everyday does not contain CBD at all. No where on their web site, packaging or the bottles say it contains CBD. But they do have play on words like “CW Hemp Extract” or “CBD Extract” etc. CBD is a highly illegal substance. It is a scheduled I drug by the DEA. Always has been. They can not legally sell CBD or any products that contain CBD. There are smaller companies that do sell actual CBD oils and products but again, the products from this company CW does not contain CBD at all.

  11. I hear hempworxx is a lot better that it’s pure cbd with even .3%thc in it legal to sell without marijuana card. It doesn’t have fractionated coconut oil like this and olive oil. Just pure hemp. This has too much fillers. Have ya tried hempworxx? I just ordered a bottle like 30 min ago.

  12. It works for my wife. No more seizures

  13. if you try CBD oil from the Verifed CBD it has no THC. It helps with my anxiety, depression, and seizures. It’s completely legal for all ages. I take 3 drops in the morning and at night.

  14. You should try HempWorx. First thing I noticed on the bottle ingredients was coconut oil and some other kind of oil. You don’t want that. You want a Full Spectrum CBD oil.

  15. I’m going to try some charlottes web

  16. How long has it taken you to go through the large bottle? Small bottle?

  17. I only use about 10 drops and you use like 30 or more. I let mine sit under my tongue for as long as possible.

  18. What is the reason to keep the oil under tongue for 1.5 mins? Thanks!

  19. Good review , I think everyones biggest question is dosage and best oil

  20. Does it smell when you go to the restroom like weed?

  21. I just got mine in the mail, wanted to check out some reviews before trying it

  22. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

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