Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil… life changing???

  1. I love Charlotte's Web Advanced Oil but it doesn't help me with insomnia. Are there any other companies that offer a better oil for this?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. I don't use that brand, but I started using CBD oil (10 mg) two weeks ago and I do feel a mild relaxing feeling from it. There's a lot of scam and hype in the "dietary supplements" field, but this is one you should try. Just make sure it's a legit brand and not just hemp seed oil. Also be aware that you might need up to 90 mg/day if you're feeling a high level of stress.

  3. My sister has a lot of pain at night

  4. Does cbd oil for work for hypothyroidism

  5. Sometimes you just need to punish your child.. Just whoop his butt

  6. Another scam folks. I've used this brand for some time now, and there are zero results. It's expensive, keep your money.

  7. I just started taking oil for anxiety

  8. This is such an amazing story. Thank you for sharing. So happy you and your child are finding relief! Our customers have also reported amazing, life-changing results after using our oil and gummies. You can learn more about the Liberty CBD Oil Company here:

  9. Can someone PLZ explain where can I buy CBD online?

  10. God love you.  I hope you've continued to have success.  I do not know what your child is dealing with, but have you also adjusted his diet?  The gut pretty much dictates the body and how the body reacts to just about everything.  Omitting wheat, reduce meats, going organic and the biggest culprit of all SUGAR.  There was a study done on children with autism who were given high doses of probiotics.  Profoundly significant changes occurred.  Probiotics create a balance of bacteria  in the gut.  So many parents feed their kids junk like Nutella and they wonder why their children are bouncing off the walls and then crashing into despair when it wears off.  Get into juicing and cooking simple, plain foods from scratch. Perhaps you've already done all this, but natural treatments such as diet and CBD oils are truly life changing.  Blessings to you and thanks for the testimonial on Charlotte's web.  Did you know that George Washington grew hemp plants?  Proves this isn't a new concept.

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  12. Hi Jen, I know how just one good day for you must feel. I was a Foster Mom for
    a Special Needs Cerebral palsy child for 5 yrs. Just to have one simple break
    through, is soooooo huge. I'm so glad you have, something to help take the edge
    off, and to give him the joy of just being himself. Will look for more updates.
    Give yourself, the CBD oil, as the care giver, we're usually the last one to get
    the "TLC". It"s vital you keep your health and stamina, at optimal levels. The
    stress will burn you out. both her Mom had it and Me, 5 yrs. later, adrenal fatigue.

  13. Thank you for your authenticity ????? you know more than you know? we can guide, we should “guide” our children ..not “control”
    Stay with it, stay with your positive changes. I’m happy for your son and having you guide him and your persistence,,???

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  15. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  16. I hate anxiety. I get random panic attacks and it sux. I had one in freaking Wal-Mart once. I was luckly carring a Bottle of Verified CBD , that saved me, else I would not be able to enter Wal mart again.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this. You're exactly right about amphetamines. You have the right attitude, and I hope all has gone well.

  18. I wish i knew about this oil when i first had really bad anxiety n panic attacks i finally couldmt find anything that really helped calm me down n ive taken this oil for a while now and i feel great so relaxed im so relieved. Best stuff over any pill i have ever taken. I was scared too try the oil but so glad i did.

  19. Benadryl (Diphenhydramin is generic name) 25mg worked awesome w my son. The school wanted to flunk him in kindergarten cuz he was too wired, caused to many distractions, VERY high anxiety and couldn't concentrate on homework, plus he was dyslexic. I am a nurse and refused to put him on prescription drugs that made side effects worse than what he would be taking it for. I did the research, and spoke to the doctors I worked with and a homeopathic doctor, benadryl was recommended. It has minimal side effects and isn't habit forming. He took ½ in the morning and the other ½ at lunch. He went from flunking to C's and B's on average, some A's and as the years went by, he might take a full one once he got home, depending on his homework load. He's now 34 and still no side effects after years of taking benadryl (diphenhydramine is what he took, same thing as benadryl (just a brand name) 25mg) specially on anxiety days, married, has 4 perfect kids and tells everyone he crosses path with what works for him. They didn't have CW or any other kind of CBD oil back then or I'd of done that. Benadryl is used by emergency medical care for allergic reactions to everything. Ask your doctor what their opinion is and get a note for the school nurse. It's worth asking for and here in Arizona it's under $5 at Wal-Mart in the pharmacy section. Liquid or caplets (100 qty)

  20. My cat uses CBD oil and is very satisfied with the results. Says it helps her sleep and painful joints. Makes her lazy and hungry too tho.

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