Charlotte’s Web Advanced CBD Oil Giveaway

Join the giveaway at: My family and friends and I have benefited so much from using Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil and I want …


  1. I entered thank you so much Charlottes web oil gives me hope for my daughter who is 6 with a rare disorder and autism we have never tried it but we have heard amazing stories about it

  2. Please, Ma'am, may I request that you extend your kindness our way. My Mom needs this. ?

  3. When will you announce the winner and Will you post a video thanks

  4. I entered and thank you for this ❤️ Gosh I could be with you in Hawaii too!

  5. Entered! I didn’t know Cbd existed until your first video on it. A bit pricey so I’ve been waiting to purchase it…great idea on the giveaway! ❤️

  6. Megan, you're still alive. I used to watch your raw food videos years ago

  7. Megan, though Charlottes Web is a good product, there are products that are far better. They are better for one reason: Bioavailability. Charlotte's Web is about 8% bioaavailable, whereas PMB's is 92% + Bioavailable. I would like to talk with you sometime. The delivery system makes our oil 6-10 X more effective and absorbed. As the saying goes, you are not what you ingest, but what you absorb. <3

  8. Do you know of any cbd oil without other oils like olive oil? Do you know if a good brand with just pure hemp?

  9. I entered & subscribed! I hope I get a chance to win & try it to see if it helps my seizures. Thanks Megan 🙂

  10. Great video awesome of you to give back . I entered ???. Keep up the good work

  11. @Megan, I hope you read this comment as I have a question about the giveaway. When we sign up for the news letter, it only requests our email address. Will the winners be announced as their email address instead of their name? For example: “And the winner of the first bottle of CW Hemp is [email protected] (my email).” Or will the winners be notified before the announcement so you can get our name and contact details?

  12. I bought my first bottle of Charolette’s Web because of your video!! It’s changed my life! Thank you! I’ve entered the competition! Thanks for the awareness you bring to the internet?

  13. Been in bed since a trip to ER over weekend & opened up YouTube to literally search for answers on how to heal my body naturally when your video popped up talking about cbd oil. I suffer from autoimmune disorder that is attacking my pancreas. I'm definitely going to give this oil a try as I continue fighting this disease. I entered & maybe one day I can join one of your retreats in Hawaii when I'm healed & seeing better days. ✌??

  14. CW did nothing for me. 4 bottles of the advanced formula (approx. 6 weeks of use) and no results. ? Bummed because I was so hopeful. And it’s $$$$!! Oh well .. Maybe another brand? If anyone could suggest one, please give me a heads up. Thx

  15. Great! I would really need this gift, hope you ship to Canada!

  16. I entered..thank you. I would love to win.. I really need Cbd for anxiety.
    I also would love to come to a retreat

  17. Omg yay a giveaway! Thank you ?

  18. Oh wow! This is great ive been wanting to try this for some time now! Thank you!!!

  19. That’s really nice of you to do this ??

  20. I entered! Hope to win for my son who is taking CBD oil for autism. He just started taking this brand and we are backing off one of his prescription medications. Sure hope he sees good results!

  21. You are so sweet to be doing this giveaway!! Hugs to you and S!! Praying for her healing every single day! <3 <3 <3

  22. My husband has been wanting me to try CBD. I also deal with medical issues. Anxiety, chronic pain in my lower back, neuropathy in my feet. He thinks this could help a great deal. He went plant based 6 years ago and I've been tinkering the past three years with this year being a really strict year. Thank you for such a great giveaway to share with others. Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for sharing your heart and hope for others to get healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.

  23. I entered! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity! Love your down-to-earth style?

  24. I have bin trying the +plus for my seizures and ptsd and anxiety i like it but kind of expensive so i only use it some days

  25. I’d love to purchase Charlottes Web seeds to grow plants myself. I understand it’s the best strain for Autoimmune disease.

  26. Thank you for doing a giveaway! Even if i dont win, i know the benefits of CBD will reach the most deserving! My father in law introduced me to CBD oils after my daignoses of MS in December of 2017. Im 25 and have a 2 year old daughter, so being in pain constantly, extremely fatigued and just generally out of it can be difficult to balance with my hectic life. But CBD has been a life saver!! Ive entered and would love to win!! ??

  27. Thanks for the chance to win, I have chronic pain for many years now. Blessings, Stacy

  28. Thanks, Megan – great video! CBD / Hemp Oil is amazing, and it is so great to hear you talk about your results! CW is a wonderful hemp oil for sure. Another product that is really great is one that is nano-enhanced with a liposomal delivery system (which greatly increases the bio-availability of the oil: 97-100% absorption). Liposomes are microscopic single-to multi-layer spheres made of phospholipids — the basic building blocks of cell membranes. The phospholipids that compose the liposome shell feed the cell membranes. This ensures the proper function for the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of cellular waste products and toxins. The particles are so small they penetrate the blood brain barrier of the cell, and deposit their cargo intracellularly to enhance lymphatic circulation of nutrients. (Drugs that are administered intravenously usually use the liposome.) The cannabidiol (CBD) binds to the CB1 and CB2 receptors effecting the cell through many molecular pathways. It is now known that it also affects the mitochondria within the cell. When we take cbd / hemp oil, we want to know that we are absorbing as much of the product as possible (and not peeing it out!). The extraction process is also a very important part of the final product and can determine how it affects the body. Before you use any product make sure that it has been grown in clean, organic soil. Hemp has the ability to pull toxins out of the soil: hemp was used at Chernobyl! The product I love is: PrimeMyBody Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil with a Liposomal Delivery system. The formulator/scientist is DBL PhD Dr. Christopher Shade, a well know scientist who has developed specific clinical analytical techniques for measuring mercury exposure and a system of products to remove metallic and organic toxins by up regulation of innate detoxification biochemistry. His current focus is at the intersection of neuro-inflammatory issues, immune dys-regulation, toxicity, and infection – specifically how to peel away the layers of overlapping dysfunction in the sick individual until you get to a point at which the system rights itself. Check it out! The cost is comparable to CW. The PMB Hemp Oil bottle has a per-measured pump which is great – the product doesn't come in contact with the air. It is a much lighter color than CW, and I find it easier on the taste buds! It is also taken sub-lingually (under the tongue) and held for 30-60 secs or more. PrimeMyBody is a company that has affiliate members, and it is so worth it! The cannabis industry LAST YEAR was estimated at $202 million. Recent reports indicate the cannabidiol (cbd) market to grow 700% by 2020 = $2.1 billion. So, not only can you have one of the best products on the market that is safe for people of all ages (and all vertebrates – yes, our animals, too!), is legal in all 50 states, but also have the option to make a business of your own – sharing the most amazing product on the planet! Some scientists say that CBD is the drug of the century. With all the new research and testing being done recently – with the most amazing positive results – it's time to get on the band wagon for YOUR very best health and lifestyle you can have! We need to continue to advocate for the re-classification of cannabis from a schedule 1 narcotic drug (like heroin, cocaine, and LSD) to one that is legal and thus opens the doors to more research!! Happy Hemping! Keep up the great work and videos! We appreciate you, Megan! Check it out: PrimeMyBody Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil with Liposomal Delivery:

  29. This is exciting! I definitely have been wanting to try this specific CBD for a while.

  30. My bro is suffering from depression. I mentioned CBD oil to him, but he’s so ingrained in modern pharmaceutical drugs that his MD is prescribing him. I hope he will try this out. I’m a firm believer of the more holistic and natural treatments the better. ENTERED ! Thank you !

  31. I have been using CBD the last month, hoping to help with sleep. It's been a trial so far with dosage and what works best, and I'm on my third brand of CBD; still hoping to notice benefit. I would love to try this! Thanks for this giveaway, and I'd love for more videos on cbd.

  32. I haven’t heard of this brand and it must be wonderful. I’ve been using CBD for over 6 months and it’s been fantastic. It got me out of the biggest hurdle of my post partum depression and relaxed my muscles that I had no idea were so tensed up. Definitely recommend it to those who are able to get it. Just be careful about the laws in your state. You can still get arrested if it’s not legal.

  33. I just entered! I have depression, anxiety, pain, OCD amd insonmia!

  34. This is so awesome! Thanks for the opportunity. I commented on your first video about cbd that it would be awesome for my grandma but i can't get the charlottes web brand where i live. I don't know if this is an international giveaway but i entered.

  35. I'm not even kidding…I woke up and the first thing I thought was 'I have to get charlotte's web even though I can't afford it' because I have a terrible terrible time sleeping, with anxiety and depression. I have rheumatoid arthritis, finally found all the foods that bother me, how much to eat, in what order starting with celery juice and pre/probiotics, recently feeling relief physically but with this residual anxiety/depression and I've had sleep problems since I was a small child. It's so frustrating. Anyway this is awesome and if I win I'm gonna cry. Love you! Pray for me! <3 Bless you!!

  36. I entered the giveaway too! I made my boyfriend subscribe to you and enter too! Trying to double our chances?Thanks for the opportunity! The way you talk about your experience with it, it sounds amazing! ?????

  37. Wondering if cbd oil would help with ptsd and bipolar?

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