CBD Works Differently Than THC, Here’s How

THC’s lesser known non-hallucinogenic counterpart, CBD, might be the future of medicine. How exactly does it work? Is Marijuana Addictive?


  1. After my dad had his brain tumor removed he had seizures, migraines, body pain, and so many other problems. All the medicine they had prescribed him was damaging his body like giving him ulcers and other digestive problems, one of them even destroyed his pancreas and gave him diabetes. He had given up on everything and was depressed until I had him try CBD oil. Once he tried that, his whole life turned around. He no longer suffered from seizures and all his other problems left as well. Now he's pain free and much happier.

  2. And some time's go blinded because a sword hit
    My eye left
    Social security knows

  3. 400 seeds purple hemp
    I get seizure

  4. So it deffinately, absolutely and without a sicentific doubt..works?

  5. Thc isn't hallucinogenic it's psychoactive. Mongs.

  6. So let me ask you all this… I've tried CBD from hemp and I've tried CBD from cannabis. I believe there is a huge difference. CBD from hemp does nothing for me but CBD from cannabis is very different and I believe it to be the correct CBD to use. I know many people who've used both and feel the same way I do. So tell me your thoughts and experience on this please.

  7. This comment section is so fucking cancer not even cannabis can help it

  8. LOL Schedule I because it’ll murder Big Pharma. Fuuuuucking insanity.

  9. I think it’s peculiar that people state that cbd isn’t-mood altering yet state it also helps reduce anxiety.

  10. cbd is overrated hype….expensive and useless…

  11. Very Informative video. Well done.

  12. I wish medical will legal in my country

  13. Then big pharma and monsanto will come and ruin it.

  14. Lmao that shit legal af now you can literally buy cbd oil on amazon

  15. I think this is the drug that should be accepted instead of marijuana

  16. I don’t got any medical issues but I still love CBD it doesn’t make you high but it’s nice to appreciate the strains and it gives you good benefits

  17. I was looking for a great %100 CBD website and found this! http://www.alexmonel1.myctfocbd.com

  18. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  19. I can’t find pure CBD oil, I was getting some for a short while, the only thing I can get now is a 10:1 mix…10 parts CBD, 1 part THC – I don’t want to get stoned, but I need pain relief

  20. I can’t find pure CBD oil, I was getting some for a short while, the only thing I can get now is a 10:1 mix…10 parts CBD, 1 part THC – I don’t want to get stoned, but I need pain relief

  21. Hemp is a strain of cannabis high in CBD low in thc and perfectly legal

  22. All the hysteria and legal banning is caused by the pharmaceutical industry… To sooner the people revolt against their control over what we use to medicate the sooner cbd will be used medicine and not as an "unpredictable" "class 1 drug"….. Wake up people is all about the $$$… Not fear of the plant…

  23. Im so confused!!!! Is cbd oil with no thc beneficial for asthma or does it have to contain thc to work. There is no clear information about this regarding asthma. thc or no thc

  24. A great company to buy high quality cbd is buycbdonlinefromus.com all natural organic hemp extracted by co2 extraction method. I've ordered many times whit super fast shipping

  25. theres actually 113 cannabinoids in the plant…

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  27. All I got to say is cbd works I once got a tincture around 100mg I took a shit ton of drops to see if I got an effect so pretty much I felt calm and a little sedated not like Xanax but like a natural feel it helped with my anxiety and a bit of my depression then I took it right before I slept and then it stood out from when I took it out in the afternoon I feel asleep naturally I was so happy and thanked god because I have sever insomnia and usually don't end up sleeping till 3 4 5 or 6 in the morning I and I woke up happy btw if there is no thc there's no fun but if you really have a condition give cbd a try btw anyone ever use cbd and feel a bit cloudy Or lightheadedness

  28. How will be the most effective to your health.. Administrating thc smoking it or put it in the water and drink it?

  29. Can cbd weed get you high or naw

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