CBD to Quit Smoking Marijuana – My Story

Learn How to Quit Smoking Weed: https://bit.ly/2oouqyr ✅ My Complete Guide for Quitting: https://bit.ly/2oouqyr The CBD brand you decide to take should have …


  1. ✅ Learn How to Quit Smoking Weed – My Complete Guide: https://bit.ly/2oouqyr

  2. I have faith you can do it. I'm not trying to quit, I just moderate myself and don't allow myself to smoke as much as I'd like but I've been following your quitting journey and I'm proud of you. Sorry if that sounded condescending, it wasn't intended as such. I watched the first one because I wondered if you quit with CBD. That's what I'm going to use on my next tolerance break. Pssst, you don't have to disable the like option. It's the only way we can show our appreciation. The last vid didn't go well because 1) You were right and nothing pisses people off more than being wrong 2) You annoyed gamers 3) You annoyed Trump fans. 2 and 3 are the most easily angered groups on the planet, surpassing ISIS terrorists high on meth and PCP. On the plus side, they're also the two groups whose opinions matter the least 🙂 I gave it a like, personally. Wow, sorry for the tl/dr!!!

  3. hello so how many drops do you do in total throughout the day?

  4. I’m on probation, I quit smoking & was wondering if CBD would help

  5. Great video man. It certainly did help, thank you.

  6. Yo man I love u man I understand what you where going I started using cbd gummies and its making me wanna stop too.

  7. Hey, we all just want to feel good and healthy, nothing wrong with that. Quitting weed definitely is the biggest obstacle for most, but as long as you detox correctly, anyone can get it under control within a week. If lack of focus, lack of ambition and laziness are way too familiar, you might want to try a program like the one in Nemery Thentel's website. Try googling it to see if it sounds reasonable to you as well.

  8. Thank you for this. I'm about to embark on a potential two-year journey where I cannot consume THC. I've been a regular user since 2010, and fear what I'm about to go through. People like you and their passionate relationships with CBD are helping me understand that I can do this. Addiction is a monster.

  9. Bro, thank you for this video… This is Day 1… lemme ask a question: You suggest cold turkey + CBD or tapering off + CBD?

  10. Thank you for this. I've been looking for someone who experiences the same things as me and you are the first person who's spoken to the same things I've been going through. This video has literally given me so much more hope than I had before. Thank you.

  11. Does this come out in drug test??

  12. Is this legal in germany does anyone know? Cause im so fucking addicted to weed :/

  13. i bought cbd yesterday! i’m on day 6 no weed and i finally feel like i want to eat. i noticed it makes me calmer and less stressed after i take it

  14. that cycle you were explaining is exactly what im going thru

  15. I recently started taking CBD oil not for the intent of quitting smoking but for using something while at work that Doesn’t get me high because I don’t like to be stoned at work but I need something for my issues and marijuana has always worked I’m at the point my life now where I don’t want to be high all the time I just want to be pain-free it’s been such a struggle growing and becoming an adult because I have been stoned for the majority of my lifetime…
    I have tried to quit so many times but I am feeling how you mentioned(Lwhen I’m high I don’t want to be high and when I’m sober I want to be high) it’s a weird feeling and I’m at the point now where I don’t know what to do with my life I’m not happy with anything so quitting is definitely something I need to be serious about but it’s so hard because I’m so used to this lifestyle for the past month I haven’t done any CBD oil while using concentrates and getting stone so I want to start CBD again but without getting stoned What brand CBD do you recommend I start using because I think I got ripped off as well if anyone on here has tips please help

  16. Is there any advise you have for how one might get through the first full month of sobriety? I’ve watched your video on quitting when you were five days into being sober and I was just wondering if it got much harder than those first 2-3 weeks 😁

  17. damn man thank you so much. I thought I was alone I'm so thankful you posted these videos you've saved me. thank you so much.

  18. Day 7 without weed. The withdrawal can be a bitch sometimes… But we are not alone. Lets beat this

  19. Thank you for posting this! Ive been going through this endless cycle for about 8 years now. Just bought some 1000mg cbd this morning after 2 days of withdrawal and I already feel great again. SO happy this exists.

  20. Dude please help me. I want to feel like myself again, I want to be healthy. How many mgs per dose would you recommend? And how many times a day? Much love and thank you…

  21. Watching your video gave me the chills. You had the exact same issues as I am. I’ve smoked religiously for 19 years, it was my whole life.
    I’ve been happy to be a pothead for so long. Recently I have wanted to focus more on my family and my life in general. I also found a great job where I make great money and get wonderful benefits. So, for the last 6 months, I have tried over and over and over etc. I never make it more than a few days before I give up. I work on the road, I’ve been ripped off by crackheads in my desperation to get weed. I’ve driven10hr round trips just to get my pot.
    It occurred to me to check into CBDs a week ago. My thought was, am I smoking pot for the thc or am I using for the cbd? Have I been medicating with the weed or the hemp?hmmmm
    I picked up 10g of cbd flowers about an hour ago. I give the look smell and taste a 7 of 10. Tomorrow, I start anew. If this works, I will follow your lead and post a video.

  22. Very inspirational, please make more vids

  23. Proverbs 24:16

    For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again, But the wicked stumble in time of calamity.

  24. Great video great info. Great to see it works for u

  25. hey man . how is CBD dab compared to a cbd tincture ? im on a path to a better myself and im seeking better relationships and just getting more out of life . instead of smoking everyday i want to be able to smoke on a friday or saturday night possibly or like 1 time a week . i hope to use cbd dabs every now and then but deffinately wana use thc one a week or twice ? thoughts ?

  26. Thanks for sharing your story man! I've been struggling as I have been smoking too much for too long. Gonna turn 40 this year and I don't want to be a slave to Mary Jane anymore. Gonna try the CBD. Do you ever smoke it or just use the drops?

  27. The irony of me watching this video while i'm rolling up a doob.

  28. I have the same problem I want to stop smoking weed but I can’t get to sleep and I feel irritated. I’m going to get myself some cbd. How often should I use it

  29. hey thanks for the interesting video,
    The brand you posted doesn't ship to Europe, I was wondering if you know of any similar brands that are sold in europe? thanks in advance grtz

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