CBD oil “What the hemp?”

What is CBD oil? Did you know that Cannabis was actually in the Healing oil that is in the Bible? Podcast The word for cannabis is kaneh-bosm, also rendered in …


  1. Im all for it for a medicine without the THC. I wonder if it help my sons scoliosis. I am waiting on a miracle from the lord though.

  2. Hemp? Really? In the industry I work in, the use of hemp would get me fired on the spot…this is a "Christian" channel? Good grief, I will pray for you and unsubscribe, I prefer Christian channels instead of a channel which promotes weed. Oh Lord, is there any more evidence of our broken world…

    But, before I go and unsubscribe, I want to say thank you. Your previous videos from a year, two years ago, etc. had really helped me with my walk with Him, and it helped to see Him from different perspectives, so thank you; God Bless you, and I will pray for you. Hemp??? I never thought I would see it, we are truly at the end of days.


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