experiences with cbd oil !!


  1. CBD brothers do a 16% one that is cheaper.

  2. Hi there! Now that you’ve personally seen the benefits of CBD, have you ever thought about working with and for a company to share the info and the oil with others who need it? I’m an affiliate for PRIMEMYBODY and we have an absolutely amazing oil as well. Ours goes one level higher than the Love CBD bc of our liposomal delivery system, which gives a much higher absorption rate. Anyway, since you’re already a believer in the product, I thought you might be interested in becoming an affiliate and making money by helping others find this miraculous oil! Let me know if you’d like more info! And if not, no worries 💚✌️

  3. I'm waiting on my license so I can purchase the THC. I saw a cannabis doctor last week, and gave him my diagnosis from my other doctor. I have fibromyalgia and also an auto immune disease. Possible lupus but that is hard to diagnose. I'm going to order the CBD oil online myself. Nice video.

  4. Thanks for sharing ,my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last year and was on remission for a cople of months but no improvement, i fell on cbd oil documention one day and thought i i give it a try for her since i was so down seeing her go through alot of pain.and today i can say after trying cbd oil for like 3months now considerable improvements potray itself now. thanks to this https://www.facebook.com/CbdTopshelf/ would love to really let people know cbd oil works and greatly helps

  5. I have rheumatoid arthritis – jus started using CBD oil from the medical dispensary … the doctors keep trying to push Enbrel on me which is an injection that lowers the immune system and can cauSe cancer. They even volunteered to have a nurse come to my house to give my first injection and have the stuff delivered to my doorstep every week. I feel there's a big push for these drugs… the CBD is working great for me but I do feel tired if I take too much. The ratio is 20:1 CBD THC…

  6. Grow your own, get the right seeds

  7. Thanks for the vide!. Chem trails are not actually a thing FYI. I'm a licensed pilot, so it always bugs me to have people think we're up there terrorizing the earth haha. It's water vapor you're seeing behind the plane.

  8. Can I order to ireland.. obviously it is illegal. I have fibromyalgia also so does my sister.

  9. I can not say enough great things about CBD and anything from the Hemp and cannabis plants! I swear by CBD, it's literally given me my life back. I agree with you pete3204 about the chemtrails and all the toxins we are being exposed to these days. I have been using Prime My Body CBD oil and I love it so much I now have become a rep for the company. My wish is to be able to make this oil available to everyone. I love the whole plant cannabis that has the THC, but I don't always want the high and I know not everyone does. Sometime we need the THC, but if we can't handle that in our system and if legal issues are at play, then at least we can get the CBD in our bodies 🙂 Hear's to great health! http://alexandrapetretta.primemybody.com/home/

  10. Hi from bolsover you tried spooky2 rife youtuber they do bio resonance free issues on youtube excellent I find cbd frequencies etc For sciatica I drank 3 to 4 litre chilled water for 5 to 7 days and it went having had it for 18 months before no tea or coffee during that period just water. Also in listening to numerous frequencies and a Detox at end sessions. Drink a litre water before session it amplifies the bodies receptors. Gone down the proclaimed cestui que vie trust here at moment cops ignoring it so could do with pointers to civil personal actions if you got any cheers

  11. CBD is my life saver. I'm blessed to live in a place that it's cheap and beyond easy to buy at most stores. amazing for my severe pains, anxiety, insomnia, and so much more. BTW I refuse to take pharmaceutical drugs. no pain pills or anti anxiety meds. I adore CBD and despise THC. I'm so happy I started using it.

  12. There are tons of great companies out there producing high quality cbd, our main goal is to provide the most potent, highest quality, purest CBD products available on the market at the most affordable prices. SAVE 10% w promo: organics

  13. Hi Pete its Danny boy from Rivvy barn 😉 Ive tried Sativex ( mouth spray) and its a 1:1 equal ratio of THC to CBD.. seems to work best when they are together… it got me high and made me also sleep for 18 hrs haha . I would love some of that CBD oil but its out of my price range 🙂

  14. thank for that Pete kind regards Brian—good to here from you

  15. RSO or Rick Simpson Oil is far superior to the CBD oil because it has all of the cannabinoids including THC. The government decided long ago they don't like THC because it get's people high yeah so what many of the pills give the patient a high also. What it comes down to is they don't want us growing our own medicine and getting well on our own. For more info on RSO watch Run from the cure the Rick Simpson story it includes a tutorial on how to make RSO at home.

  16. Great advice – it's expensive treatment but if it offers relief then in the long term the benefits far outweigh the monetary costs 👍

  17. use organic hemp oil too pete. tablespoon a day.
    if you can get CBD oil derived from cannabis rather than hemp you will notice an increase in potency and efficacy.

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