CBD Oil – Vape Canabidoil – Hemp plant – BENEFITS!

http://hlt247.co/cbd4426 (See more Info) Top Ten Benefits of CBD What is cbd? Cbd also known as cannabadiol, is a non-psychoactive (it won’t make you feel …


  1. What’s the legal age to buy CBS oil? 18 or 21 ?

  2. What are the main CBD benefits for your body? Can someone please explain im new here… PLS guys upvote that someone would see my message

  3. Savage CBD vape juice is the best shit I've ever had!! And I've tried alot of them. I personally use 500mg, and it is UNBELIEVABLE STUFF !!!

  4. subliminal messaging. I now have a craving for CBD vape. I get mine here http://bit.ly/2ogZeS9

  5. cbd > thc, for me at least.

  6. I can help you purchase CBD Oil & other amazing CBD products through Green HoriZen.
    Please send me a message if interested.

  7. God made everything for a reason.

  8. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and i’m pissed.

  9. They say the thc does the neusa and pain but the cbd does that, hence why it's given to cancer patients going through chemo

  10. Since I found CBD balm I am not taking pain pills anymore! This stuff works. I use the extra strength 100mg.

  11. So it doesn't get you high because it doesn't have thc ? I haven cravings weed for the last past month hand I can't find any so I thought about CBD but since it doesn't get you high I have to find a different way

  12. Lmao he said "getting munchies!" In the wise words of Kat Williams "hungry happy sleepy dats all it is."

  13. No mention of vaping as titled suggested.

  14. ..those 3 things are 4 things..

  15. 1gram of cannibis oil with 4oz of olive oil and you have the strongest pain reliever ever. Inside 1to2 tablespoons or a couple of drop for arthritis or other pain.

  16. i have epilepsy i haven't have an episode in about 3 years can this work on any kind of epilepsy???

  17. Very informative video. Thanks for uploading!

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