CBD Oil – The effects after 3 hours

This is the effect after 3 hours, we can only hope it’ll stay this effective!


  1. Are you still paying attention here? Did it stay this effective?

  2. Will CBD make me feel high? Also where can you buy it? Please spread some CBD love guys and upvote

  3. What kind of Oil is everyone taking, meaning in terms of Cannabis name for example Jack Herer?

  4. may i ask what kind of CBD oil people are using and where did you get it from . i tried boost from white palm (calyx) . and it did nothing for my dogs seizures. looking for something that works

  5. Mother nature has the answers….

  6. Yes, I use VERIFIED CBD oil from https://bit.ly/2GMKNR2 to order CBD oil for my chronic arthritis

  7. I've heard this has positive effects on dementia also. Can anyone tell me if it has worked for them and at what strength? I'm looking into CBD oils at the moment.

  8. Yes, I use VERIFIED CBD oil from https://bit.ly/2GMKNR2 to order CBD oil for my chronic arthritis

  9. what does will you suggest for parkison? and how to check purity ?

  10. im sorry, but your ET look nothing like what ive seen in clinic. why hold pen arial? tremors are usually evident upon writing in normal position. is this a push for legalization, or worse, a sales promo? no need, if so; those suffering have more motivation to try most anything. no need for this ploy.

  11. Man, the docs had me on medicine that was $400 a month to prevent me from having seisures. I was on it for years and it turned out I didn't even need it. Turns out I just have a low seisure threshold and just have to stay away from threshold lowering medicines. I've broke my back and broke my hip during a seisure. Not fun. I was taking a anti-depressant called Welbutrin that appently is known to cause a lot of seisures. Thats the one that broke my back and hip. I was not happy with my doctors for that one. I broke my hip so bad during that seisure that the bone died and now I have a total hip replacement at 36! Some bullshit I tell you.

  12. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  13. If anyone wants to have a cbd oil business for free until january 1st. go to garysgirl.myctfo.com/cbd the comanys in prelaunch for 24 new products and theyre literally giving it away for free

  14. that was the fakest shaking ive ever seen lolol

  15. in this test is the cbd without the thc? if yes at what dose? it might help me

  16. Dramatic results. I am an RN of 36 yrs, and very pro natural cures. What is the dosage/concentration of the CBD you took? Thanks.

  17. Do you have parkinsons disease? 🙁

  18. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil online? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and i’m pissed.

  19. What are the methods for taking CBD oil?

  20. K you brought me to tears.
    Hoping for a better day for you each day.

  21. Greatest miracle drug on the planet. Thanks so much.

  22. How many mg of oil got that result?

  23. So happy for you. Amazing difference

  24. I am so excited that my CBD oil is going global. I can help more people. 🙂

  25. why are you no longer using the oil? If the results are as amazing as this video shows….why do you write at the end of the video that you no longer use it? Im curious…

  26. Did the woman have Parkinson's or essential tremors?

  27. You can buy CBD hemp oil without THC in America.  I just got a 24 oz bottle on Amazon that had rave reviews. It was the nutiva brand. Check it out.


  29. I have never had interest in smoking nor trying it, I tried some oil and it was great. The problem is the add THC and a lot

  30. It's hard to find a strong CBD only extract with 0% THC. NOT IMPOSSIBLE!

  31. do you have to vape to use or can I take it orally?

  32. From comments I've understood you've stopped using it because of legality issues, right? There is no need for that, as you now have multiple sites selling CBD made from hemp and you can get it within EU. As far as I know, the regulation of it being advertised as food supplement or medicine is the problem, but substance alone is not illegal.
    We found a good supplier (I'm from Croatia), originally from Slovenia, selling worldwide. Don't want to advertise if that's a problem, anyway we are just buyers ourselves.

    My dad has PD but never had tremors. CBD 50% twice a day got him out of an awful place caused by meds mix. He had miraculous change overnight with posture, speech, clearer thoughts, his face expression and more. Most of all he got the will to walk and exercise etc.
    He's in his 70s and is very stubborn against stuff doctors didn't prescribe and might not continue with CBD, which makes mom and myself desperate.

    Nevermind the myths, there are now tons of studies that prove CBD to be the future treatment for PD and many other disorders. I could go on and on, but, in short, endocannabinoid system of our bodies was neglected by science and pharma for far too long and now it's coming back.
    It's all online, just not on youtube. And official medicine will acknowledge it only after pharma makes enough tested patented synthetic CBD, which wont be half as good.

    I say don't wait for regulation and doctors to wake up and sell you the distorted version.

  33. Hi, perhaps I am one of the few. I have a medical MJ card. Recently I purchased both both
    Cannabis with THC an also a bottle of CBD Though everywhere I read, it says you cannot get high effects from CBD alone is not true. I got just about as high on CBD as I did with THC I have the feeling I am not alone here, but I think this is only for just a few. I did not get quite as high or paranoia feeling as THC but it was definitely a high and would not want to be driving or making decisions on this stuff
    Can someone please shine some light on this subject and tell me I am not the only one in the world that gets high on CBD thanks!

  34. When you look through what you older brother has made on yt ;-;

  35. Hello…I was wondering how much CBD did you take? What method did you use to injust it? Did you infuse it in butter or oil? I have numerous health issues and would like to know the best way to use CBD. Thanks !

  36. Thank you for showing how it helps you. I wish you all the best.

  37. still looks shitty when you write

  38. Why are you no longer using the oil.

  39. I think its safe to say that this was a bad video. could have just filmed the whole experience instead of chopping it up. JMO i mean no disrespect. if you DO have a video like that, would definitely be worth watching.

  40. She is not using it because it is so expensive, up to $1800 per month

  41. how has your progress been since this video was posted?

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