~ CBD Oil Testimonial for Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Sciatic Pain ~

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  1. im 56 in bed mostly all day have no life when im out and about to long pain unbearable ,used to be on morphine nerve blocks epideral. im in canada will look into this thank u

  2. Hello, I was in a car crash 2015 :L5 s1 bulge, 2017 broke back . Compression fracture and Thoracic sprain. T7-T9
    I used kratom for a while but realized I was dependent on it and without it the pain was making it nearly impossible to get out of bed. I’m currently on short term disability…again. To see what I can do to have this pain under control. I suffer from restless leg . I thing from the sciatic low back and kyphosis from the back injury. What type of CBD oil would be most helpful for me to try? Is there a regimen for use? Thanks

  3. How many mg daily for chronic back pain and also can anyone recommend a thc free product i can't risk it a positive drug test would ruin my career. Thanks in advance.

  4. WOW Such a great Video my personal experience motivated me to sell it online https://cbd2live.myctfocbd.com and if you would like to sell it as well check out the compensation video

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  6. Thank you for your advice! I also have chronic back and joint pain and have been on opioids for several years…I’m really hoping CBD will help my pain because I’m tired of being dependent on pain killers.

  7. Is the website legit ? I really want to buy a cream for back pain but idk

  8. To Everette Holland. Charlottes Web is sold on healthyhemp.com

  9. Doesnt work cbd oil i metal in my back

  10. Thanks Anya, this has been helpful. Patrick

  11. I was on pain pills fr 11 yrs I was skeptical but I tried it I got chronic back pain I had 3 knots n my lower back n had them fr over 20 yrs After 3 days of taking cbd oil they wr gone n still gone They wr the size of my fist I started weaning of the patches n pills 3 months later I was done with it 9 months later I have been clean Thanks to cbd oil I still have back pain but each day is better

  12. Aya, I also have chronic back n siactic pain, also ,depression m anxiety n am on pills for it all, I'm 64 m my new Dr n I have gotten me down to half of the opioid I've been on for years. Now we have decided to go for the cbc oil, I'm going this week to see about it n am excited n am hoping this will be what will work. My oldest car also has migraines, so possibly that might be something for her , she has just switched over to my doctor now…thank you for the video..suzanne, I will let u know how it goes😀

  13. Dear Anya, you may want to seek out a chiropractor skilled and knowledgeable in the practice of N.U.C.C.A. This is concerning the adjustment of the ATLAS. The Atlas is the top vertebrae which contains the brain stem.

  14. I heard Charlotte's Web cbd oil works exceptional!

  15. Anya i did not see link for think u said charlottes web cdb oil

  16. Anya V Empire:: You really didn't go into what exactly was done to you during surgery after the accident and off course that youresk is on or what made the pain worse

  17. Hi if interested in purchasing CBD oil feel free to visit website at http://7777warren7777.myctfo.com

  18. thank you for this video I had two back surgeries for a bulging disc and I'm still in so much pain I was told about cbd because I also hate taking pills.

  19. Did you said that it’s legal in 50 states?? If yes, can I pass them at the candian/USA border??

  20. Which potency cbd oil did you use? Can you update on this video. I have chronic back pain and looking into cbd

  21. The only place where I was able to purchase cbd legally was this verified place here http://bit.ly/2AqEi2r Fast shipping, great quality.

  22. HEALING OF CHRONIC ENDOMETRIOSIS. Doctors recommended surgery every 2 years

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