CBD oil & Terpene Extraction, Hemp Processing for Alcohol Recovery, VincentCorp Screw Press CP4

Vincentcorp Screw press for Alcohol recovery and CBD oil / Terpene extraction. Hemp processing equipment.


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  1. VincentCorp Screw presses have been successfully installed at high volume processing facilities in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Kentucky and Florida. Our presses are an integral component of any high volume alcohol extraction of CBD oils from Hemp operation. We have seen our presses working within a single pass solution; where all alcohol + CBD/Terpenes are separated from plant material prior to going to the lab for purification. We have also seen a number of operations using our press purely for final pass material processing before waste disposal. At this stage we have seen a final 20% of alcohol retrieved. This amounts to circa 325 gallons of alcohol for every 10,000 lbs of Hemp material.

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