CBD Oil Stopping A Child’s Epilepsy With Seconds Of Using It

My CBD Oil Supplier Recommendation: Endoca Website: https://www.endoca.com/partners/100/ Coupon code: consciouscalisthenics – 10% off CBD Oil …


  1. My CBD Oil Supplier Recommendation:

    Endoca Website: https://www.endoca.com/partners/100/
    Coupon code: consciouscalisthenics – 10% off

  2. Heartbreaking being a dad myself to watch that really hurts I'm glad this works for your son.

  3. CBD dont help seicures i seen kids with seicures it last 2 min.C B D DONT WORK THAT FAST
    THEY DIDNT TAKE CBD.they took CBD stell last up to 2 mins

  4. seicures stops any way with out c b d

  5. Jeez and big pharmaceutical companies would be nay sayers to cbd they would rather people buy their crap that makes things worse if cbd works then im all for it to give a child some comfort

  6. Its not the cbd
    This is the true cannabis THC + CBD oil

  7. Forget progressive medicine, hell forget progress altogether. Let's go back to calling them demons.

  8. Didnt work for my sister. The alarm wasnt going off on the bed which would lead you to believe that the kid started seisuring on the floor or something and was put on his bed so he doesnt hit anything and hurt himself. Then the detector went off on his bed and by the time he got the oil in his mouth the seisure ended. I dont see any evidence here besides some poor kid having a seisure on film. Besides that how does something orally ingested work instantly? Does it just magically go from his mouth to his brain?

  9. Imaging what’s going through the child’s mind at this moment

  10. Yup….it for sure looks more dangerous than meth to me….ridiculous man this one child should be enough…but until they can find a way to make all the profits it will stay illegal in most places …god bless this family and every other one like it in the world

  11. That their is a proper father! No doubt he's been the legal route with this and simply can't afford their expensive pharma pills! He's obviously reaserched it, studied Case's and come to the conclusion what is best for HIS son! And yay and behold. It works faster and is no doubt safer that their potions! Its a horrible thing to see this happen to your child! My son was in hospital (same thing! I just can't say it!) He was having a turn, I shouted for help, so they tried injection!!!!!! Failed miserably, umpteen times, his arm looked like a pin cushion! I asked who's bright idea was that! Got no name given but an explanation of we can't get in pharmacy (2am! But in a hospital) so thought we'd "try" this! Through incompetence they've nearly killed my boy on several occasions! Only through gods good grace he's still with me!

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  13. How the hell does this have dislikes?

  14. Just curious. How long would the fits last without anything?

  15. Povero bambino ☹️😖💙💗

  16. Not that I could give a shit, infact vid just popped up in margin. But i'm guessing your tongue and gums don't absorb cbd like your armpit sweat glands😆 or does it?😆 A kid in a seizure is not in control of his swallowing whilst in a seizure so that oil just stayed in his mouth a few seconds and his seizure just so happened expired. I went to a school where a kid had epilepsy attacks which lasted a couple of minutes. Just looking from another angle. Not for or against weed.

  17. Hope this helps you understand CBD better and why it's such a powerhouse in terms of helping us heal 🌿I never promote products but
    I do promote this one because of how much it helps me in daily life. So yeah, go check them out:
    https://amzn. to/2OLnY0y

  18. How dare they ban, criminalize and marginalize such a God sent? Doing so not knowing is just ignorant and sad but doing so knowing the truth is criminal ! They are the real criminals and they get to cage ppl for using this. How ls that for irony

  19. Please tell me what dosage?

  20. Please get your full spectrum (full plant based) CBD oil from http://www.hempworx.com/HempTrulyWorx They are the nation's largest buyer of hemp and have the best prices for a pure, 100% organic, additive and GMO free oil. All of their products are made in an FDA approved facility with pure hemp grown in Kentucky. Do not get oil with fillers it is not as effective! Thank god for this substance. It has been shown to treat so many physical and mental ailments that big pharma gives us dangerous pills for. Take control of you and your families health and wellness!

  21. The only place where I was able to purchase cbd legally was this verified place here https://bit.ly/2AqEi2r Fast shipping, great quality.

  22. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  23. Its kinda hard to tell if that was the cbd or the seizure just ending…

  24. so sad to watch, i pray those who need it can get it easily.

  25. its sad that people use this as an excuse to smoke it rather than to turn it into a pill or keep it as a liquid to treat medical issues such as this.

  26. !! Cannabis saves lives !!!

  27. This is amazing and so sad that people can't get over themselves and realize all the good cbd oil is doing for people.

  28. Yet these scumbags like Trump and Pence want to make CBD and cannabis oil illegal, those monsters!

  29. Poor baby …..so fucked up there is a ad for rehab .. just show how bad they want to to think CBD is bad smh….CBD works wonders that why they dont want it to be legal😢😢

  30. Thank you god for thc,cbd

  31. I had tears in my eyes watching this poor baby !!😢

  32. The Government and medical industry does not want healthy people…there is no money to be had!
    So they feed us poison in the food and shampoos and all that wonderful shit you buy. Then you get sick and the medical industry gives you pills( aka poison) to cure you while making you have more complications!! THINK

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  34. 32 year old bloke and i cried

  35. It doesn't matter if they make ileagal the government can't stop use

  36. why god gives illness to an innocent child

  37. Even as a man who almost never cries made me cry so badly. It's hard to see so much suffering of such a beautiful child.

  38. Can you please tell me the exact name of the cbd oil. Where can i get it for my 2 year old. She too is getting daily siezures due to partial complex epilepsy. Her meds dont seem to help and i am desperate to see relief in her.

  39. yeah… I'm epileptic and I take cbd oil, but I don't know if it works like that. A seizure can last from a millisecond to five minutes, but that looks like an average length. I don't mean to be an ass, but it may have just been how long that seizure went.

  40. Thank you for sharing. Poor little guy hurts me to see him like that. You’re a great dad keep up the great work brother.

  41. Someone show this video to Navajo County Superior Court Judge Dale Nielson an aks him to explain why this kids parents be gonna go to jail if they continuin to medicate him.

  42. My question is why are more and more children having brain seizures?….

  43. Every ill informed critic should be forced to watch that

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