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  1. I have developed a rash out of nowhere and my lips are swollen after I started taking high grade quality CBD oil from Endoca their most potent one at 15% 1500mg……perhaps I’m doing too much, I stared right away with 3 drops 3 times a day, maybe is a bit too much but the reason behind it is my wanting to detox from THC which I’m still doing right now until I slowly stop using the THC, I also know THC interferes with CBD, maybe this could be the reason for my allergic reaction. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you

  2. This helped me so much! I almost threw out a practically new bottle of cbd oil (which cost a lot) because I thought I was allergic. I’ve been sick and taking several drops every few hours because I thought it wasn’t working. My depression got really bad but after stopping for a few days I feel much better. I was just detoxing to the extreme, 😬 oops. Now I can get a better hold of it thank you thank you thank you 💕

  3. Okay so I've been trying CBD Oil for muscle back pain spasms/knots. Which, literally the next day I wake up in more pain, believe it or not. Vomiting allll day long. So, is there really a detox cycle for this to be happening? Bc I can't keep on doing this if that's the case. I gave the CBD Vape Oil a shot, as well. And, noticed I was good the next day. Am I doing something wrong with the CBD Oil by mouth? Should I be micro dosing? Thanks in advance.

  4. I'm glad I saw this video though because I have been experiencing headaches and some detox-like symptoms quite noticeably and at a time that it seems out of the ordinary. I've gone through this sort of stuff before with food and elimination/cessation of something, or another example, dubbed as "massage flu" which stirs up toxins a couple days after a deep massage making you feel unwell. They say to drink a lot of water after a massage too – they have always offered water promptly post massage. I'm willing to bet with a detox diet as Catherine mentions and a lot of water, this will really help flush the toxins through quicker.

    I have been taking a CBD tincture produced by another brand because I found them prior to Foods That Heal You products (after stumbling upon Catherine's videos for general knowledge about CBD). I ordered because Catherine seemed very knowledgeable, and the production seemed to be legit, tested, and professional. I can certainly taste the pureness in the product, it's really quite nice and awesome that it has no additives at all (pure extract was another reason this stood out to me). I also liked that I could have a raw CBD on hand, and a decarboxylated/filtered version too. I would say the raw version has more general dietary health benefits and is potentially more beneficial or pain/cancer because of the CBDA, and the gold has more symptomatic benefits with anxiety/mood improvement for me. I've only been taking the raw/gold CBD for a few days, so I wonder if I'm feeling that adjustment. My diet is not too clean right now and I've no doubt got some toxic build up going on with how my lifestyle/diet has been. It would really make a lot of sense the way I've been feeling, not anxiety but definitely felt the nausea from the start and still sometimes do upon first dose of the day but it goes away. I have felt more bogged down than usual, kind of achy, sometimes feel a bit dizzy. I wondered if I was having a reaction to the carrier oils in the other brand's tinctures, but I'm still trying to see if I can tell for sure if it's that.

    The idea of feeling pain with CBD is strange to me, but it seems like one of those "it gets worse before it gets better" type of things possibly. Kind of like she was mentioning with the person who had some transition symptoms but now his neck pain is gone (cool). My eyes lit up when Catherine mentioned CBD pushing toxins out of joints even. I just started up on hemp CBD a month ago, mostly to help with my Valium taper symptoms (bad anxiety, pain, insomnia, appetite/GI issues). For anxiety things have been great and this will make me quite relaxed and feeling much more balanced. Sometimes in the afternoon I might even want to take a nap depending on how much I've have taken. I could power through it but I'm able to rest when I need to, so I take the opportunity. I dose 2-4 times a day and knowing that it needs to build up and just learning about a detox period is really helpful and intriguing. I do hope it does more for pain over time. I also want to add I vape medicinal herb, so I am getting some added THC. On that – I have a hard time ingesting THC, so dosing it through inhalation has worked well for me for a long time. I don't know if this increases the efficacy at all of the CBD as some claim. What I do know is that CBD will still activate the endocannabinoid system which is an ancient system built into us naturally and when activated has a myriad of benefits. So even if you aren't getting a THC ratio, you can still get a full spectrum CBD and reap the benefits of the many other compounds. I think that's what makes it worth it to me, plus I am taking quite well to hemp extracts vs. extracts made with plants the contain some THC. THC in ingested extract form, even a 20:1 CBD to THC ratio, can make my heart beat fast and make me feel shaky. All in all I feel like this could benefit most as a supplement. For those with cancer or the more hardcore stuff, they may need more of a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD, it really all depends on when you're using it for and what will respond best with the specific compounds as far as we know.

  5. My whole family broke out with pimples . Me (dad) got pimples behind the head. Wife got lots of pimples in her back and my daughter got pimples on her chin. So, yeah I think I'm gonna lower the dose.
    Benefits are :
    -good resting sleep
    -drastically diminished ACHING joints
    -Improved MOOD
    -Improved digestion
    And a great relaxant when under pressure or stress.

  6. I have Gastristis and I tried my 500 mg CBD oil for the first time last night and I experienced a very jittery nervous feelings which scared me quite a bit. I probably took too much . It was suggested to start off with 5 drops and I took 13 drops. I wasn't expecting the bad reaction . I guess this is the detox reaction you talk about?

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  8. Me and my spouse are both considering (alternatives; ie.CBD or Kratom) to narcotic medications that we both have been prescribed for chronic pain conditions. You are very informative on CBD and wondering if you can inform me on the other alternative, Kratom plant, such as where is the safest place to purchase and dosage?
    We have read some online content that is conflicting and trust that a person with your credentials would be helpful in making a more appropriate and safe decision.

  9. Does cbd oil have arginine in it?

  10. I’m currently taking CBD oil and I’m just wondering if it’s beneficial for gum inflammation. I’ve lost a couple of teeth recently due to abscess/infection and I’m trying to avoid it happening again. I read somewhere that CBD oil can cause overgrowth of gum tissue. I would really like to continue to take the CBD but I hope there’s no adverse affect on my gums.

  11. My menstrualcycle got chaotic when i took cbd oil. My period was gone for four weeks and came back when i stopped the oil..? Had pms for four weeks!😥

  12. Hello I suffer from bad generalized anxiety disorder. I just purchased the gen zen CBD capsules. Each capsule has 10mg CBD. I just started taking them today. Is there a certain time limit for the CBD to kick in? I decided not to take my Zoloft anti depressants my Dr prescribed me because I had some bad side effects when first taken. I have done a lot of reading on CBD and I have a lot of faith they will control my anxious mind. Just wondering if it will work better after a few days of taking cbd?

  13. Glad you said this.  I started with oil a couple of weeks ago and then tried the bud form (didn't like this).  They're different types, but the oil really revs me up and it felt like my heart rate increased.  The oil worked very well for fibromyalgia.

  14. I purchased the green roads wellness cbd oil 1250mg for my severe siactica pain. This will be my first time taking this. I see where you say to take anywhere from 5 to 15mg. The dose chart that came with it says to take 1ml which is 42mg. Is that to high of a dose?

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