CBD Oil Side Effects (Does CBD have side effects?)

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  1. U eyes on cbd full spectrum

  2. I have research I lot of companies and I found the best products at http://purehempshop.com?rfsn=1672160.3715b0. Check it out. You will be amazed.

  3. I took the cbd 24% firsti and had me disphoria for three days and now im taking 3% and although i feel a bit relaxed and energetic some times some times i feel anxious nervousness and disphoria cause the low blood pressure it makes me what should i do???

  4. I felt great until i went to sleep and slept until 1pm

  5. CBD without THC has no side effects. CBD works!..Anything you buy..make sure it's pure!!!!! DO THE RESEARCH!

  6. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  7. Unfortunately for me, I turned out to be allergic to the oil because all the dispensaries near me use coconut oil, and I am allergic to it. OF all the crazy things to be allergic to that's the one thing that now is standing between me and proper pain relief. Luckily for most people, coconut allergy is very rare.

  8. I took 4 drops only & it took me to a straight panic attack. Felt so dizzy, not sure how they advertise you can drive after using

  9. What strength cbd vape for anxiety panic disorder
    I'm taking 500 tincture under tongue 2 drops twice a day then vaping 100 strength a few times in the day.
    Is this too much I'm scared I'll get used to it xx

  10. Is their side effects of cbd weed

  11. What is is considered a low dose and a high dose of cannabis oil per day ?

  12. I just bought genesis cbd oil from vape juice and I find that it gives me headaches… And dry mouth. Is that normal? Does this happen to anyone else? Also, who can recommend a good brand of cbd oil for me …Thanks

  13. What are some side effects that people experience while using CBD?

  14. I cannot consume hemp seeds due to its high levels of arginine. However, I would LUV to be able try the CBD oil! So, I need to find out if there is any arginine in it & if there is what the lysine to arginine ratio is?

  15. Hi, I'm on day2 of using the medipen vaping cbd oil,  I have anxiety and depression and read a lot about it so thought it would help.I have had some diarrheoa. will this subside once it gets into my system?? the cartridges of cbd oil in the medipen are 150mg of cannabinoids in a 1ml cartridge! how much should I be vaping? ive only had around 20 puffs is that too much? Thank you x

  16. I’m very interested in this. I have Multiple Sclerosis and an anxiety disorder, and I have exhausted all pain treatment. Botox, PT, bee sting therapy, hypnosis, a good 100 different combinations of prescriptions, etc. I’m fed up. Life is too short to be wasting! I take 11 scripts orally, and a monthly infusion of another drug. Something has to change.

  17. I have Tyriod problems will it effects it

  18. what is the right dose for a back pain?

  19. Hi. I've been taking 17 percent cbd oil the past few days. I'm only taking a tiny tiny dot three times a day for fibromyalgia, adrenal fatigue and anxiety. It def has an affect on me. Everything around me seems to kind of slow down and for example if I drop something, it feels weird when I get back up again. I suppose it works as a sedative for me but a part of me feels a little freaked out by it. Can u give me some insight? Does it take a while to become used to it?

  20. I just got my medical marijuana license here in Ontario Canada. My stuff is in the mail. I got some sativa cbd oil for anxiety/ADHD and Incida THC oil to help me sleep. I know whatever drowsiness it might cause will pale in comparison to the drowsiness sleeping pills cause. Cannot wait to start my treatment.

  21. i now have been taking my CBD oil and my chronic pain is almost gone ty zilis.com/billnash i take CBD 7 oil

  22. Started taking cbd spray, drops and pill form. Having stomach burning problem going on after taking them. Not sure if the pill form caused the stomach burning. Idk. I'll have to try one at a time and see if I feel better with one and not the other. Definitely feel a sedating like feeling (which I like) due to anxiety. Helps with my leg pain from lowering my narcotic use.

  23. If one cbd makes me nausea will all do that I was doing tenure would an edible be better

  24. It caused severe stomach pain and I had to stop taking it.

  25. You need to get to the point faster. You had me wanting to look for a different person to explain it right away!

  26. Please work on making these videos more succinct. You dont have to repeat yourself or explain the obvious. Thanks


  28. Side effects  ?is it  because of what they mix this stuff  olive oil or  coconut oil ect with our CBS OIL PURE OI L ?WHY DO THEY MIX THESE OIL'S ANYWAYS  WITH PURE CBD'S

  29. Cbd causes my body to detox.

  30. I smoke %10 CBD. Side effect. I dont want to do shit. Which is also why I take it.

  31. Is the cbd what's making you look baked

  32. I seem to be having more AFIB heart erthymia issues…maybe I'm taking to much?

  33. Perhaps I am taking too much, but I find an increase in depression. I take Paxil and Wellbutrin. Is there any negative interaction?

  34. Where I live in Tennessee a man makes CBD oil locally here and he’s awesome! His products are pure and has different items to choose from! Proven effective for anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, seizures etc! If interested let me know I’ll get you a discount since I’m a loyal customer of his!

  35. My wife is going to have a hip replacement surgery soon on October 9. She has been taking CBD for her hip pain. Should she stop taking the CBD before her hip surgery so as not to risk any complications with the anesthesia or is she good to keep taking it? (*I'll go ahead and put here a disclaimer for you so you are free to give me your opinion without any legal worries – I completely understand that you can't legally give me medical or legal advice and that whatever you comment here is your opinion and won't be held against you in a court of law, etc, etc, etc. – got ya back bro 😉 Also thank you for your time and what you do for this community

  36. How do you find out which terrine it has

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  38. I just started it for CRPS pain, and it does help, the Vapor leaves my outs sore. I do use a spray and thick oil

  39. I just started taking cbd for epilepsy. The tincture I am taking is 250mg and it does cause a slight drowsy side effect. Hope that helps with your clinical trial.

  40. I think i have CBD. I was travelling in australisia and i picked it up there i think ???

  41. CBD pills with a ratio of 18:1 CBD:THC have been the second most effective treatment I've ever used for depression and anxiety, second to electroconvulsive therapy with Ketamine as the anesthetic. I'm a physics major, and I do physics and math problems for hours a day, 6-7 days a week. Since this fall semester started two weeks ago, CBD has been allowing me to study for more hours a day than I would be able to do without CBD because I don't get nearly as stressed out from doing the so much work. I love physics, and I want to study it for the rest of my life, but my health has been a huge obstacle for me since middle school, so I'm very grateful to CBD for improving my mental health, thereby allowing me to do whatever it is I may want to do.

  42. I'm waiting for some cbd hash to arrive, I have ehlers danlos syndrome and am hoping it can help with my chronic pain as I'm already taking codeine 30mg 4 times a day and that's not helping me enough at all, still pretty much house bound at 18 years old
    Has anyone used cbd bubble hash before??

  43. Can you be allergic or get adverse reaction huves

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