CBD Oil Review For Anxiety, Sleep & Digestion

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  1. Can CBD oil be taken along with Magnesium Glycinate? I'm suffering from chronic backpain. Please help by responding. Thanks!

  2. How long will 250 ml bottle last me if im only using it for sleep

  3. No one has answered the question of whether vaping CBD oil works. I can’t handle the taste of that stuff. So gross! I bought Hemplucid CBD oil/drip . Haven’t vaped it yet though. I never hear of people vaping it.

  4. Will it help someone concentrate and stay focus better? Thanks

  5. do not buy cbd oil online !! go in to a dispensary .

  6. I am trying CBD for Sleep (both nigh time unrestful sleep and daytime sleepiness).I've been using for about a month. I have moved up gradually from 2 mg at night, to 10 mg at night. So far, I have felt no effect. What is wrong?

  7. Hi Autumn, my daughter (17 years old) has a very bad anxiety and at night she battle a lot to fall asleep, ( has been with anxiety for more than 4 years) and I have given her everything but nothing has worked so far, I went to the website that you mentioned http://www.greenroadsworld, but I do not know which bottle of cbd oil to choose, how many mg would be perfect for anxiety? could you advise me which one to buy? I would really appreciate it, she is suffering a lot and I feel helpless, desperate and very sad because I do not know how to help her 🙁

  8. how well does wit work with insomnia? im switching from thc to more cbd

  9. You’re adorable!! Thanks for all the great info. You’ve definitely done your homework … well articulated. 👍🏻

  10. I have some it makes my eyes feel heavy and tired is this normal?

  11. I just made a purchase with your discount! I'll let you know how it works

  12. Thanks so much for the enthusiastic review! I'm going to order some to give it a try.

  13. How often you take during the day I have been told 3 x a day 2 dropper full each time ….. thaughts. Tks 😊

  14. Just placed an order and used your code. Thanks

  15. The speed you talk at is giving me anxiety l9l

  16. Charlottes web baby the best

  17. I use CBD oil daily and i also take half a dropper x2 each day. I use 300 mg. and going to move up to 750 next month.

    It has lowered my blood pressure and I have been able to get off my a few meds that I was taking. So far so good.

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    Have a good day.

  18. Would this help with anger? I have anger and anxiety

  19. I tried for anxiety and it worked for me. I have PTSD, a really messed up back, and sleeping disorder. It is so damn expensive for higher doses that I would probably need. Really cant afford the lower dosage. I know it will work for me.

  20. I'm not sure if I'm missing the effects but I don't feel anything after eating CBD treats/chocolates and CBD oil. I have anxiety and trouble sleeping and found my body does not feel anything after taking these. One of the companies who make CBD chocolates says maybe I don't have the receptors for ingesting these and suggest vaping. Has anyone else tried vaping it?

  21. I’ve tried my first dose of CBD this evening and really hoping it helps my anxiety. After watching your video I have high hopes. Many thanks

  22. I got canabanoid juice for vaping but it's not the same as smoking weed. I can't smoke weed anymore though, it sucks.. So do different brands work better when you take them differently??

  23. The people who built nuclear bombs tell us not to eat a plant. Use the cannabis. Mother Earth knows how to heal her children. Big pharmaceutical companies keep us sick dependent and broke.

  24. i tryed some of that bottle once, it was useless

  25. I've seen nothing conclusive on this so far: Even though CBD oil is almost completely devoid of THC can it show up on urinalyis tests? Some of us work in fields where we get random tests. I've refrained from using the oil 'till I hear something conclusive on that.

  26. Good for ppl with fibromyalgia

  27. There are 2 types of CBD oil. Isolate CBD oil=No THC. And Full Spectrum CBD oil= trace amounts usually 0.3% of THC in it.

  28. Will this be enough for you or will you grow tired of it and look for something else?

  29. Thank you for sharing, anything that helps with anxiety is priceless!

  30. Love to know more about this.

  31. My pain doctor gave me Zilis CBD oil

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  33. CBD oil is INCREDIBLE. That's the same brand my wife uses. It literally saved her life.

  34. Does the PM syrup have melatonin in it? I am all about natural remedies, but most CBD night time stuff has melatonin in it and I cannot tolerate it. I do currently take CBD, but I want something strictly for better sleep. I got myself off of the devil Rx Ambien about 3 months ago with non-melatonin gummies from another company, so I do know it works!

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  36. 2 or 3 drops is placebo effect

  37. I get from Cbd Oil Panic Attacks

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  39. I get super anxious and nervous before flights. I have a bunch of flights coming up in the next weeks. Do you recommend CBD for this?? And which type/mg?

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