CBD OIL, Reaching Genetic Potential, LISS for cardio, Q + A

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  1. “Why do you do it”
    Me: 🙃

  2. Josh..you should a podcast with Natty physique chap Kieran Kevan as he is a big fan of CBD oil..Think AJ knows him from UKDFBBA Fed …Think a lot of people be wanting to see it's uses and if vaping it is better than oil drops…Just a thought idea for future…

  3. “How do you eat / train like that” get that conversation every week

  4. i was laying kinda uneven when benching 4 months ago and had a sharp pain in my armpit area, i havent been able to fully contract my upper pec ever since. do i need surgery ya think? or is it too late now lol

  5. if i order cbd oil i will be sent to prison rip

  6. omg the wank part cracked me up!! great content as always:D

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