CBD Oil Products Koodegras Slc Utah most popular CBD products

A break down of Koodegras Slc Utah CBD products and what they do.


  1. CBD has all kinds of amazing benefits! I've used it personally for my anxiety and chronic pain for years and it's amazing, there's literally nothing else like it. I doesn't get you high either, so you can still go to work and continue with your day like nothing! I've even had my mother use it because she has cancer and it really helped her with her chemotherapy. It's crazy how many ways this can benefit people, hell even ordinary people with nothing wrong with them can benefit from using this.

    I'm not even joking, i'm more grateful for this stuff that anyone realizes… If you really want to know more about CBD, I really encourage it. You might really improve the life of yourself or someone you love, just by sharing a little knowledge. Seriously, before I had this stuff I was in constant pain and now I feel amazing!

    …And If you're confused by most of the articles on CBD too btw (they get a bit complicated) I managed to find a really good article for people that aren't doctors or scientists lol. It even has an infographic that's perfect for explaining the stuff to beginners. check it out – http://dankstarvapes.com/what-is-cbd-and-how-it-works/

  2. One of the best CBD oils I tried was Simply CBD 300mg

  3. So how much do you take a day and what dosage ?

  4. "I am going to try it. Hemp oil is good. For hair skin and nails. And is better than fish oil.

  5. I'm liking the CBD information

  6. The day I started CBD oil my seizures stopped, it’s a BIG deal.

  7. What strength did you start with?

  8. Does this help with extreme pain due to no circulation in toes, feet and legs caused by diabetes?

  9. "Awesome video.. THANK YOU!!!

  10. I need to try this for my occasional insomnia, thanks for the info:)

  11. THC is vital to the healing effect.

  12. Hello 👋 your right about everything you say

  13. "I’ve been vaping CBD for almost a month now I love it!

  14. I believe the law is that it has to contain less than 0.03 percent not 0.3 percent THC.

  15. I would like to get the capsules, do they work as well?

  16. CBD oil changed all of that for me. I now have a panic attack maybe once per week

  17. Anyway I'm looking forward to trying it out once i receive it.

  18. I’ve been taking CBD for two months now. I had pretty severe mental strain brought on by extreme stress. I love it.

  19. Great video! So informative. I took some last night and slept very well.

  20. I'd be taking it for anxiety & maybe to help sleep.

  21. "I use CBD oil daily and i also take half a dropper x2 each day. I use 300 mg. and going to move up to 750 next month.

  22. thank you for the wonderful video

  23. Must of cost a small fortune?" Where are the prices?

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