CBD Oil Products Koodegras SLC Utah everything you ever wondered about CBD oil

How Koodegras CBD oil company is changing thousands of lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Millions of Americans are currently getting relief from CBD Oils.


  1. Just visited the Sandy location what a blessing just in time My dad really needed it!

  2. Does this help with extreme pain due to no circulation in toes, feet and legs caused by diabetes?

  3. I definitely want to try this out for occasional insomnia.

  4. What a shame more companies don't Ship to Australia… we have the same debilitating problems too..

  5. "Thank you for the really informative video.

  6. I have issues with hypoglycemia sometimes as well..very informative video..need to try this now

  7. Thank you for your candid review!

  8. “I get way too ecstatic, I guess.” 😊

  9. "I am going to try it. Hemp oil is good. For hair skin and nails. And is better than fish oil.

  10. Anyway I'm looking forward to trying it out once i receive it.

  11. Thanks very much for this in-depth review of your experience!!

  12. I also tried several brands of CBd oil but your is is the best by far.

  13. I'm thinking of using the product so wish me well.

  14. Hey did you feel any sort of high with this product ?

  15. CBD oil helps me sleep 🙂 thank you for sharing your results! Needs to be talked about more!

  16. One of the best CBD oils I tried was Simply CBD 300mg

  17. Do you know whether this does anything for Essential Tremors?

  18. That brand is great will be ordering very soon.

  19. Alright I’m sold. Going to get some to try tonight, haven’t been sleeping for the last week…

  20. So no chance for a positive drug test?

  21. Thank you. I've been very curious about this and I really enjoyed your video. I'm going to order some.

  22. Does it help for muscle aches/joint pain?

  23. Thank you for the information; I am interested in trying the brand you recommended here.

  24. Hi I’ve recently started Cbd oil I want to try yours

  25. What is the best CBD product brand

  26. About how long does it take to get to your house?

  27. I’m using a fairly new CBD oil called Biolief. CBD in my book is a game changer for everyone

  28. The stuff from a health food store isn't the same thing, it is more a "nutritional food" when you buy it there.

  29. I'd be taking it for anxiety & maybe to help sleep.

  30. Love this stuff! I use it for occasional bouts of anxiety do you have any discounts?

  31. "Hey guys make sure to check out our best CBD Hemp derived products,everything you need on one place.

  32. I started using CBD and all I can say is WOW I can't believe this stuff works so good. "

  33. Last year i injured my back at work, intense pain would this help take away the pain?

  34. Great video! So informative. I took some last night and slept very well.

  35. I’ve been taking CBD for two months now. I had pretty severe mental strain brought on by extreme stress. I love it.

  36. I use CBD Drip, which is what my local vape shop sells. I want to try your product"

  37. How much cbd did you take for sleep?

  38. thank you for the wonderful video

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