CBD Oil — Pain Relief for My Sciatica

I use CBD oil for relief in my sciatica. This product seems to work out for me. Simply, sharing my experience with cbd oil. Sydbius on Insta: …


  1. My auntie normally wake up every morning with a lower back pain. I proposed her to follow this particular low back pain guide named “fonon fetching site” (Google it) and then in the next day, she has observed good advancements. She is very happy with the particular guide…

  2. I have the same problem and I use the Cinna-mint flavor from Ancient life oil. Taste great and works even better. I get there 1000mg per ounce and use a dropper full, which is really about half a dropper. And it works really great. Good luck.

  3. this stoner is a WASTE OF TIME. BULLSHIT.

  4. I was in a car wreck when was younger loss my right arm well the use of it it is just there no movement but pain still their now my knees have been acting up now right ankle and left are driving me nuts been trying all kinds of rubs,patches,and etc. so that i'am getting up in age no help either use to do roofing and all the crap that goes along with building houses my joints are all screwed up left shoulder rotor is shot bone on bone just trying to find something that will get rid of it for awhile i know it never go away so just have to live with it just as i can forget it for a couple hours will do some more looking in this deeper and hope to find one that does me justice getting tired of being in pain anyone that has true and awesome place where to get a bottle but it has to work and hope it lasts along time at least half a day any info will be a big help can be reached at haas5719@gmail.com thanks again enjoy your day blessings to all tc.

  5. I have had severe sciatic nerve pain down my right leg down to ankle. Please tell me this might get me some relief. It has been 5 months, I am going nuts so painful. No quality of life.

  6. Naturalnative.com sells great variety of cbd oils and tinctures that taste great use code yesenia5 for 10% off.

  7. My auntie typically rise in the morning with a low back pain. I delivered this lower back pain guide, "fetching loni" (Google it) to her and she felt the primary difference the next morning. She`s extremely pleased with the guide..

  8. Cbd is the only thing keeping me functional at the moment. I get the "rso/ rick Simpson oil" that taste like ass but while its in my system I am a 1-2 out of 10 pain wise. If you are suffering GET SOME CBD!

  9. I certainly like this back pain guidebook, search Google "fetching loni". In most cases, the position of my knees, hips and back is maintained for this reason. As I get up early in the day, I don`t feel pain any longer. I have actually had great advancements using my knees since making use of this..

  10. I have 500 mg. I found out it's 1 mg per drop. If Vaped how many mg per drag?

  11. Great video with important information, thank you for sharing. (Cheers buddy=)

  12. I've had sciatica since like sometime in Feb. 2014. I've only done natural stuff and plenty of it. I have pain right now but it's going away on it's own since I'm waking up and just relaxing on my side on a Thai futon that is placed directly on the ground. Plus I have a negative ion and air cleaner machine running, and whatnot. I went to go piss so that's less toxins in me and the walking is apart of that. Sometimes it's light, sometimes it's severe. How long does this oil on average last in relief and how often do you get new bottles (you never mentioned)? Peace and love. You should try vaping it for quicker and more extracted results! 😀 I still haven't tried that but I've used Amsterdam organic vegan blunt wraps for smoking legal herbs and that helped then. XD Cheers, -Seth cX

  13. This back pain guidebook, "fetching loni" (Google it) is remarkable! I find it too good to be true in the beginning however when I used it yesterday evening, I find myself with a treated back next thing in the morning. Since I`m very pleased with the outcomes, I also forwarded the guidebook to my parents. I was told that they can`t imagine how very good was it. Great for back pain..

  14. Best way to take few drops on tongue. I have found some studies on internet which showed hemp oil is beneficial for many reasons. I suggest try few reputed brands and go with one which gives good results.

  15. bro is that made from hemp? I find this hemp wants to be nothing but high price rip-offs would hardly any CBD I just got my medical card and I'm going to make the best fucking moonshine CBD because I have some serious back pain as well as sciatica and you CBD that I use didn't do a fucking God damn thing and it was like my last hope I tried putting that shit on the my tongue man three I drop is in one day for a week and I didn't do shit when I suspect I need to make my own I'm very surprised that you are getting pain relief and I am experiencing absolutely zero pain relief

  16. Are you from CO? I am, and today I found a brand, Entourage Hemp, and it was my first time trying CBD vape. I took some pretty long generous pulls and was surprised when I noticed relief in my chronic pain areas within just a few minutes. I have to note that I did take my opioid pain meds about 30min before, but I haven't felt the type of relief with just the meds as I did today with the CBD today. I've tried a candy dose before but didn't notice a change in pain. I'm going to go back when I get paid, It's $25 for a 10ml bottle with 50mg CBD. The flavors are a bit different (basil, clove, black pepper) but I liked the Lemoncello and Kush (there was also a mint), I comes in soft pills too, but Id rather vape, especially knowing how well it worked taking it that way today. I have been taking Oxy 30mg for the past 3 years, dealing with upper and lower back pain (bulging disc and a couple close to being herniated) due to a car accident 2 years ago. Between 2005 and '08 I had been taking Perc and Vicodone dealing with knee pain and general achenes in my joints, which seems to be getting worse too (I attribute the pain as a result of sports and over training, coupled with genetics, as it seems my a large about of my family deals with the same issues/problems). I had been getting them from diffent people before the accident too. I don't like getting high, so I stayed away from MMJ, but I'm hoping the CBD will be a relief away from the perscriptions. I'm only 32 years old, but there's times where it hurts to grip my razor while shaving. I literally have to take a pain pill before I shave because of the pain from gripping and leaning with my back

  17. I am currently vaping CBD crumble, wax and crystals and these products are doing absolutely nothing to relieve sciatica. CBD helps my mom who is undergoing chemo, so it's certainly not snake oil.

  18. I 'm suffing from siatica for years, lower back pain, pain out through the hips and down my legs, it was painful when driving, when going to sit down, when getting up was a different story. Even when I cough, I'd get a sharp pain in my lower back, now, no pain when I cough. Had all the NHS treatments, nothing worked. accupuntre worked for a while.
    Once I started using Hemp oil CBD+ from Holland and Barret in London, within 2 hours, the pain nearly completely disappeared. I feel years younger in myself, feel like I'm walking on a cushion of air. My legs feel like someone has thrown a bucket of ice cold water over them, feeling fresh and light.
    You put a few of drops under your tongue 3 times a day, leave it for a minute and then swallow. Its £19.95 a bottle. If this didn't work, cannabis oil was my next stop.
    Wish you all the best for 2017, hope it works for you, because 24/7 of pain is phyically and mentally draining.

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  20. I'm in #Utah, found out about #CBD OIl by #primemybody and knew it would help lots and lots of people! Read why the CBD Hemp Oil that's 6 times faster then go to my Prime My Body #Web #Site at http://www.solarman.primemybody.com order Three bottles & get 25% Off every month as an #Affiliate! Join the Just Awesome team now…

  21. Does the effects feel like pain killers? I have a bulging disc in my back and I've been taking pain meds for a while now and have gotten a tolerance for them and I want to try the CBD oil this time lol

  22. Hi bro, I was suffering for two years chronic back pain … Im from Mexico and I coundt understand some parts of the video my english is no good, I would like to know which is the dosage you take to relief your pain (how many milligrams of CBD you take, cause I have one of 4 OZ with 1000 mg of CBD but I dont know how much should I take) many thaks! Regards

  23. Took 25mg dose of CBD oil from Green Garden. Nothing. No pain relief or sedation or anthing else. Same result with another brand – Mary's Medicinals – with 10mg time release CBD skin patch, nor with Mary's CBN gel pen using 40mg doses. Just another herbal nothing remedy as far as I can see. Empties my wallet real well. THC oil in 35mg dose does render some sleep but no pain relief and that dosage is quite expensive even in Colorado where its legal

  24. have you any experience of sisters of the valley oil? Thanks

  25. hey I have sciatica and got some Cbd oil but it was crap it made from hemp seed no mmj card needed over the counter so anyone
    out there recommend a good one

  26. do u think this would help pancreas or gallbladder pain?

  27. hey dude, where can i get the one that works for you. ive been vaping cbd 200 mg but im not feeling enough relief. does it work like pain killers. feel the relief in an hour or so?

  28. Not bursting your bubble I'd sure love to try it thanks

  29. Cannabis I need to get some sciatica needs to go mon!

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