CBD Oil or Medical Marijuana?

SHOULD YOU USE CBD OIL OR MEDICAL MARIJUANA? // What’s more effective for your medical condition? CBD OIL OR MEDICAL MARIJUANA. In this video …


  1. Should you only eat the grapes out of a fruit salad? You need all the cannabinoids together to treat serious disease. I tried CBD for my melanoma and it failed. When I moved to a legal medical cannabis state and got all the cannabinoids, my melanoma cleared in only a few weeks. And never came back. That was six years ago.

  2. Great video
    I think these videos would be more appealing to more people if the camera was a little better.

  3. When you say CBD oil I am questioning do you mean the medical or the things that you can buy CBD over the counter without a recommendation

  4. Hi, my grandmother has osteoporosis and she is always in pain from her back and bends her back and walks with a cane, what would be right for her?

  5. CBD oil works fine for phantom pain and nephropathy , lab certified CBD oil !!

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