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The Summer has been going great so far. Right now I’m working on an Industrial Hemp Documentary and a trailer for it. Everett is finishing up his last few …


  1. Kids are growing up so much. Miss seeing you guys.

  2. I absolutely can't wait to see the documentary.

  3. Malakai has regressed since he finished his Aba therapy at AEIOU their is no transition program from kindy to school here . They just let them fall back on what they have learnt . It’s been hard but he is doing better than what we ever thought he would . He ran away once then promised his teacher he wouldn’t do it again . So touch wood hey he won’t try it again . We have the national disability insurance scheme starting this month so hopefully he will get some funding to help with some in school support more . Sorry I’ve just written a book ? but yeah the transition is hard from kindy to school but kids are very resilient and will surprise you . He’s a clever boy I think he will do great but it’s very scary and can be challenging ?good luck guys ????????????

  4. Hi, Just wanted to ask. A while ago I saw a video about a young man with autism. He was communicating and giving an interview via a communication device. I thought that interview was on your channel, but I can not find it. Do you know what I am talking about?

  5. No really you have to fight for services

  6. Cant wait to see that documentary!!

  7. Oh, I would definitely call it a fight! It's like a battle for sure!

  8. I'm so glad things are well with you all. I miss your videos but I understand that you have got to do you. Sending you guys love from Ky!

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