CBD Oil, Hangover and Comedown Cures

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  1. Proper awkward bit from 2:033:39 like well awkward, I've actually gone red, palms are sweating, knees weak, arms are heavy. Just skip it, should have cut it out, my bad, peace and love

  2. Need to try those EAA’s tropical flavour??

  3. All the sups are full of fake sugars which destroy your gut good bacteria…not so good for you . Casein has been shown to bring on cancer in rats

  4. I use CBD daily, a year cutting weight has taking its toll on my body and this stuff is just golden!

  5. 8.35 itcy nippple gyno haha few lines will cure the hangover

  6. milk thistles for a hungover are epic. Two before night out and then two when you get in. You heard it here first 🙂

  7. that smile when TM tastes something incredible! haha

  8. Can you link where you got the Vape Pen and CBD oil from please 😉

  9. How to sensibly buy LEGAL cbd oil? Because I got a letter saying customs has confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  10. 6.55 needs to be made into a gif please.

  11. Doesn't CBD interfere with REM sleep???

  12. Love your vids man! Could you consider doing a video on steroids and fertility as in getting someone pregnant during or after a cycle

  13. What supps do you recommend before you go out on the lash? now im 24 my hangovers are awful, can't hack it anymore, help a brother out?

  14. i was faithfully waiting for the "new fitness youtubers be like" gag during that tumbleweed protein shake sequence but it just never came. feel so weird.

  15. about time you got out and starting having fun you noof, fuck bodie building bs just stay hench and have fun with the pals, YOLO <3

  16. Yo where did you get the tee with the German bear? Sick

  17. Hitting ibiza in a week. What's the story with that hangover cure?

  18. Every set to failure? Surely just a montage…

  19. Wheres the cbd from Tom. How much? Ta geeez

  20. irn bru for the hangover cure my man lol

  21. what's your opinion on cruising legend, like to hear the opinion from someone who is actually educated and unbiased

  22. Shout out to those that refused to skip the awkward bit #Pride

  23. Haha Thom got to give me some credit on suggesting you make that pre night out supplement!?!? ? Seriously you need to get on it!

  24. Every taste test you do always ends up being very nice!

  25. What did you think to the CBD oil, worth the buy or does it do fuck all?

  26. Didn't know you were a tech house fan.

  27. I loved it at 3 mins lmao. I thought you were taking the piss.

  28. Thomas "Wow. That's very good" Maw

  29. Fruit always used to be my go to. I remember the dayz. If you saw me awake in the morning with a litre or two of cold Tropical not from concentrate juice. You knew what I'd been up to. Ha

  30. hi tom was wondering where the turquoise sunglasses are from

    cheers frank

  31. What’s your views on Bostin Loyd?

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