CBD Oil – Getting Started and What To Expect

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  1. You're the coolest lady ever, thank you for all of the helpful information!

  2. Will it work for chronic depression?

  3. I really need to try this, was on benzos for a little over a year, but this seems like a better substitute!

  4. I am new to vaping and have no clue what to do!!
    I am menopausal and started suffering with anxiety and panic attacks.
    I like vaping as I find it relaxing .
    But I'm unsure what cbd number to start with either 100,
    200 or 300 mg I think????
    Please help, and also should I puff on it for a few minutes only at a time say 3 times a day?
    Love Joanna xx

  5. Im using Octagon Biolabs full spectrum CBD oil in a tincture (drops) and have felt much less anxious. I have used it for general inflammation too.

  6. I thought you could NOT vape pure cbd oil.

  7. Watched this video and all i could think of is What the helll type of kitchen gadget is sitting on the table top. A juicer???

  8. Im on dissability so i cant afford the prices. I guess i just suffer.

  9. How long do I have to take it to start notice weight loss?

  10. Hey i just started vaping ejuice what tempeture and wattage am i suppose to be burning it at

  11. Are you using Hemp or Cannabis? 🙂

  12. I'm considering taking CBD to help with my social anxiety. I already vape so I think vaping CBD would be more convenient for me when I'm out and at social events. If I buy CBD E-liquid should I vape it as it is straight out of the bottle, or can I mix it with my usual e-liquid to make the CBD bottle last a little longer?

  13. I tried to order it from "Foods that heal you'', but shipping is only within the United States.

  14. This has helped my anxiety alot after a week but i like to take too much tincture lol

  15. Can you advise on dosage for treatment of hypersensitive oesophagus/acid reflux?

  16. I started 3 days ago. I normally wake up with caffeine headaches every morning that only go away after I've finished my first cup of coffee. Today I woke up without a headache for the first time in months.

  17. I have been having severe stomach pain that keeps me up at night from using the MCT coconut oil infused with pure CBD oil and the gastric pain was so unbearable i thought I was dying. Found out this is a side affect of MCT coconut oil. This went on all night long. So now I have to find another way to get the CBD oil and vaping is best for me.

  18. This was very helpful because i was having headaches and dizziness and now I know why. Thank you so much. I have noticed that my tinnitus seems to be moving from both ears to one ear and than to the back of my head. I’m going to keep at it because like you said it’s a superfood not a drug. 🤗👏🏽

  19. Thanks for being so informative and easy to follow! You answer the questions that are so important to the basics of this protocol.

  20. I have been taking for 4 weeks. Pain gone in five days, ptsd in five days…combat in Vietnam 1970-71

  21. What are the symptoms for dogs who take it for hip pain? I was told it gives them energy right away?

  22. Hi Catherine. Apart from the ridiculous price… What is the difference between 3, 5 and 10% cbd oil ?

  23. Can this help with pain from neuropathy?

  24. Very informative. Looking forward to receiving my CBD Vape and ordering CBD Drops

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